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Invaded Book Review

17316770Author: Melissa Landers

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

The intergalactic phenomenon is back! And we’re given a chance to get a glimpse of the planet L’iehr and what goes there. The book doesn’t disappoint its fun and entertaining, a quick read that has a fascinating story. The book is better than the last and it’ll no doubt hook you until you finish the last page. I read the book the afternoon after I got home from school and eight hours later, I’m done and grinning like crazy because I’m just that satisfied.

The book opens up with Cara and Aelyx saying goodbye to each other because they have agendas to full fill on each other planets then came Aelyx telling Cara that he made a blog for her to make up for the other one that Syrine deactivated. Guess what the blog title is… its Invaded. It’s already cute enough that Aelyx mad a blog for Cara, it’s much cute that the blog, again, matched the title. I was reading that part while I’m on my way home on a public transport when I read that part and I ended up grinning widely and aww-ing that made the person beside me give me the “what the fash is going on” look. But heck, I love it. I love Melissa Lenders writing.

We also get to find out more about the roots connecting the humans and the L’iehrs and how the cloning stuff happened. I feel really bad for both Cara and Aelyx being left to the worlds that they don’t really belong and making them deal with framed up crimes and assassinations. But both of them are strong characters and they’re really smart too that they handled the dilemmas properly as they seek guidance with each other and people around them. I really like the bromance thing between Aelyx and David and how they seek each other for advice in the girls that they’re pursuing. Cara is really cool character for she got her head in the game and how she learned and adapt, maybe not quickly but still fast enough, to the L’iehrs.

Oh my gosh, Aelyx and his groupies of L’annabees. He’s like a Hollywood star, receiving all those fan mails with free lingerie. He’s also so smart on how he piece everything together based on his observations and Cara’s reports about the alliance and the happenings on the planet L’iehr. The moment that really touched me is when Syrine is slowly having a change of heart after her visit in the hospital as part of the act to form alliance. Jaxen is a total a-hole and I want him dead but (SPOILER ALERT!) sadly Melissa Landers didn’t give a satisfaction to that. I would like to know more about this first batch of clones and what they can do, I wonder if there’s another short story after Invaded, you know like Until Midnight, an Invaded 2.5.

My favorite part on the book is when Cara is calling her L’iehr PE teacher, whom she nicknamed as Satan because she doesn’t remember his name, and she’s just there shouting “Satan!” again and again because of an urgent matter, alarming the other human guards stationed with him. I don’t care how climatic that part is, it’s find it funny and I can’t stop laughing because that was just real awkward. Over all the book is such a fun read and like I said before, a total intergalactic phenomenon.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (4)


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