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GREETINGS humans of the internet!

izzyHi! My name is Danissa Macaraig from Philippines. I’m a bibliophile and a book hoarder. I started hoarding books ever since I learned how to read on my own. My mom used to give me a different bed time story every night when I was a child and I sleep with that book.

Now that I’m a big girl, I become notorious book whore for sleeping with different book every night, not putting it down unless I’m done with it which I never will. Not with any of the books that I’ve been through. So now, I have a blog dedicated for my love for books and where I post my book reviews, recommendation and other bookish stuff.

The book that fully plunged me into the world of reading is *drum roll* the Percy Jackson series. I grew up with Percy Jackson, I met him when I was 12 and Percy’s 12 too, I loved reading the books and his adventures. Oh and don’t be scandalized just because I didn’t say I grew up with Harry Potter, I also did, only with the movies. I didn’t start reading the books ’til I was 14 so yeah there’s that.

I also wanted to be a published author someday, right now my table is filled with story drafts and outlines of the stories and epic worlds that I want to share with everyone that mostly included dragons and purple eyed girls. I hope to hear from you and interact with you guys soon!

The aim of this blog is to create a space where book lovers, especially YA and New Adult readers, can share their thoughts and do some recommendations on the book that they’ve read where we can have fun conversation and fangirl/ fanboy altogether. The blog also promotes authors and their latest books so that they can share their works to other readers and love the world that those authors created.

As of now I am focusing on reading YA and New Adult that has romance, fantasy, action, sci-fi, mystery… basically all genres, except memoirs. Feel free to cantact me anytime if you want me to review a book that you’ve wrote 😀


I read mostly the books that I’ve bought and the ones that I borrow on the library. I do not receive any compensation on the reviews that I write. You can find my reviews on my blog and GoodReads. 


Happy Reading!



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