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Snow Like Ashes Book Review

17399160Author: Sarah Raasch

Format: Hardbound

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

A girl wanting to prove herself. A fallen kingdom. A hope to fight for.

The book is so intense I have to stop multiple times while reading the climatic parts to catch my breath, reading Snow Like Ashes really feels like I was riding a roller coaster ride. The potential love triangle in the book doesn’t have much drama but enough intensity that made me say that this three’s blooming romance is worth watching out for, but that is not what hooked me on this book.

What got me hooked on the story is the anticipation of seeing Meira prove herself and her worth. She has this strong fighting spirit that made me think that she’s not just a soldier wannabe but has a much bigger and important role instilled in her as the story progress. I mean yes, she’s the main character so of course she a humongous role but come on.  Sir, Meira’s mentor, has a really huge influence in her character, like in every move she do, every decision she makes, Meira’s always has Sir’s lessons and possible reaction’s in her head. And her experiences in her sixteen years of life created their own connections with Mather and Theron. With Mather, it’s the desire to do something to their people and with Theron, it’s the feeling of being pawns and not getting to play their supposed roles. I like Theron, I;m crushing on his character because he’s artistic and loves to red books and just so…divine. The book was kind of frustrating at first because I got really confused with all those conduit-magic-Seasons-Rhythms business but as I read more I get plunge deeply in the world.

I already have this theory about who and what really Meira is when I was already in the middle part if the story but there was this time when the author threw me off the course of the theory that I’m holding on to and made me think again but in the end I was like “Oh yeah I knew it!”. The fight scenes in the book are very well written and you can actually feel the emotions of the hope lost and found swell in every scene of the book. It reminded me a lot of the Game of Thrones and Frozen, with all of those taking over other kingdoms and winter-y fell thingys. Snow Like Ashes is an insanely amazing book, the story’s setting is very original and the flow of the story is exciting and mind-blowing, I could say Sarah Raasch did wrote a master piece. The ending is also doesn’t disappoint, it’s like it’ll make you feel satisfied with how it ended but would still be craving for more. And if there’s still more, I would gladly devour it.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (4)


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