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Book Review: Daughter of Darkness (A Sphinx Novella)

34994449Author: Raye Wagner
Format: eARC
Genre: Young Adult, Mythology
Publisher: Independent Publishing Paltform
Date Published: May 2017
Number of Pages:
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Who will be her light in the dark?

Dahlia knows her value… it’s less than nothing. As a daughter of the goddess Eris, discord and wanting are her only companions. While she craves love and friendship — or even just a sense of belonging — those are the very things her presence destroys.

Unless . . .

One day, a mysterious stranger rescues her from a fight and offers her the unattainable: a safe haven with other demigods. But Dahlia fears a new residence can only be a temporary reprieve. It can’t end well — not for her or the others.

After all, it’s impossible to change who she is.



THE WRITING. I enjoyed reading the book so much and loved the writing. I love how Raye captures the attention of her readers with in the very beginning of her novel.

THE PLOT. Oh my gosh, I so love love this novella of Dahlia! We get to know more about her and her struggles being the daughter of Eris and we get to witness all those hardships that she went through. But hardships aside, I love how Xan made  a play in and change her life. Also, the infamous Roan is in this novella! What more could I ask for, you ask? Well, MORE!

THE CHARACTERS. Dahlia was so inspiring with the way she raise herself up from the ground the people she interacted in the past tried to bury her too. I love how she build her character and how she got stronger as she slowly gets a grasp on who she wanted herself to be. OMG, Xan! It’s like the deeper we go in the history of the world of the Sphinx series, Xan’s accent gets more thicker. So cute. But you know what’s not cute? We get to witness Xan in his substance abuse stage where he was grieving the biggest failure of his demigod life. Roan, I love how he was introduced and how he was portrayed. Its like the moment I finally laid eyes in him and noticed that the book was almost over, I literally screamed; “MORE!”

THE ENDING. I wouldn’t call that one an ending. Seriously, Raye Wagner. More please? Maybe a Luc novella? I so love love and enjopyed Dahl’s novella more than I did with Xan’s. One more time… More please!

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