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Blog Tour: Dominion by J. Kowallis (Cover History)

untitled-e1494769277944.pngThey say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but seriously, the covers are mostly the ones that seals the impression if the book is going to be interesting enough. So in this little cover history post, along with the author herself, we’ll be breaking down with you the the path the book covers went through before it went live for your eyes to feast on.

The first one that we are gonna tackle is, of course, the first book of the series: Afterimage

Check out my review on the book here.


Reggie’s dreams . . .
aren’t dreams.

Visions of the future flood her mind like shards of broken puzzles. Caged in her cell, every morning begins the same. She’s drugged, tortured, and images are torn from her memory by Public One.

Until the morning everything changes. The vision is different. The future’s never been about her, and now she knows they’re coming for her:


How will she convince them to keep her alive when Nate, their leader, doesn’t like or even trust her? To him, she’s a science experiment. A machine.

When Public One will do anything to keep her, Reggie must make a decision: remain a slave to her past, or risk her future to venture into a world more terrifying than she’s ever known.


So now, without any further a do, let’s talk about the book covers!

J: With the first cover for Afterimage, I sent my designer a handful of images that I liked. (Design ideas, covers that I thought fit well, etc.) Hayden then came up with an initial concept design for the title:


J: To say that I was a little “underwhelmed” was more than accurate:) However, as we talked it through, we decided that we needed to have a cover model for the image. I reached out to my good friend and asked her if she’d be willing to pose for a few random photographs that might end up on the cover. She was MORE than willing to. From that photoshoot came this concept:


Sasa’s Thoughts: Okay, I’m adding this feature where I share my thoughts on the covers so here goes… I like the look of this one but it isn’t as appealing as “the” book cover of Afterimage. I also love how Jernae used her initial for her pen name instead of her first name because it has a added a curiosity factor on it in whether this “J, Kowallis” is a man or a woman when you look at the cover and see the name of the auhor. Kinda lines up with J.K. Rowling and J. R. R. Tolkien.

J: AND, the cover that you all know so well:


Sasa’s Thoughts: *in GIF format*

Now, the book history of the second book of the series, Encender.


 Check out my book review here.

J: When it came to the book cover for Encender, I thought that I wanted to continue on with the “face forward” theme, so I created a mock-cover as an example for my designer. I’m pretty sure he was thinking, “Uh. . . yeah, that’s . . . good?” 🙂 I’m really glad he didn’t go with this though:
unnamed (2)
J: Because his FIRST attempt at the cover was exactly what I wanted. The only change we made was slimming the wrist down a little bit so it didn’t look so manly:)
Sasa’s Thoughts: Knowing that the second book almost have a certain format that has a blurry side view shot of a girl made it kinda cool. But the light background kind of contrasts with the brutality of the second book.

A little background of the cover of the third book, Duality.

Check out my review here.
J: When we were designing the book cover for Duality, I was shocked. Absolutely shocked. Because the first attempt needed NO changes and it looked fantastic:
Sasa’s Thoughts: Lovely cover. Painful story ending *cries in the corner*.

Lastly, the star of our blog tour: Dominion!

So, since this is the fourth and final book, I won’t be posting the synopsis so that at some point you guys won’t be spoiled in case you haven’t read the series yet and you just recently stumbled upon this. But, if you’re really curious, why don’t you go check out my review here.
Now for the cover history…
J: Because we’d had two near-spot-on covers, I was thrilled, expecting Dominion’s to be nailed from the get-go as well. However, it turns out that my designer and I were traveling down two completely different tracks, and we had to do some communicating:) The first example from my designer was a simple title design:
unnamed (5)
J: In my mind, I was thinking, “Yes, yes…I like where this is going . . .” And then the unexpected:
unnamed (6)
J: The first draft for the Dominion cover showed up and I had two reactions: 1) This is absolutely gorgeous, but 2) I just don’t think it fits in the family. So, after a lot of debating, going back and forth, talk and whatnot, I offered him another crappily thrown together idea of what I was envisioning. 
So as what was shared with me by J. Kowallis, the book cover of Dominion went through two more revision before we end up with the final cover.
J: But, still something wasn’t quite right . . . so we talked about adding sun rays streaming through the water above. And, I have to say, my designer and I came up with the perfect end for the best series;)
Sasa’s Thoughts: *in GIF format*

About the Author


J. Kowallis grew up in northern Utah, graduated from Weber State University’s creative writing program, and lives in Utah with her Mini Schnauzer, Etta. She enjoys dreaming about, flying to, and writing about distant lands (real or unreal).

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Good Reads

That is all for this blog post for today! Thanks so much for reading and make sure to check out the books written by J. Kowallis cause honestly, they are aweomeness overload!


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