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Book Review: Dominion (The Enertia Trials #4)

33398853Author: J. Kowallis
Format: eARC
Genre: Dystopia, New Adult, Sci-Fi
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
ISBN: 9781619846883
Number of Pages: 468
Date of Publication: May 19 2017
Grab Your Copy: Amazon|Kobo



“I didn’t want to wake up. Sometimes I almost wished I hadn’t.”

With Reggie’s death, Nate and the others are forced to continue on in their attempt to defeat Roman with the help of The Rising—a rebellion movement thriving in the bowels of Public Two.

New faces and mysterious secrets—hidden technology, lies, and darkness—from within The Rising shake the balance of their trust.

When an unimaginable encounter infiltrates the rebellion, true identities are revealed and loyalties torn apart. In the end, there’s only one target that matters: Roman—and they’ll do anything to stop him from claiming dominion.



THE WRITING. Its wholly fantastic! I love how the author eventually got a hold of me right at the very beginning by dangling that “bone” in front of me. It had me kept on reading just to make sure that its really happening and not just a way to torture my feels in anyway possible. I love how J. Kowallis knows the weakness of her readers. I mean, because of that bone, I ended up devouring the whole of the book in just one sitting. But still, the whole time I was reading until I reach the midpart of the book, I was still: Is this really happening? Did she really gave us this?


THE PLOT. Remember that “bone” I was talking about? Yeah, J. Kowallis is thevery first author I encountered who dropped an effig big ass bomb right at the very beginning. I love how that “big ass bomb” made a play in the plot and it didn’t feel like forced or a way to redeem something to her readers because of the heart shattering third book (Duality). I love how it all unraveled and fell into place and how everything turned out at the end. 


THE CHARACTERS. There was a shift in the characters of everyone in the team in this book, especially Nate who just got his heart ripped out of his chest after the death of the woman he loved. I like how we get to witness everyone’s way of dealing with their depression post Reggie. The most heartbreaking was Nate’s for we watch him spiral down into that deep pit of depression and PTSD. I made me cry when he resorted to “that” decision. But I so much loved it when his old self and character had a comeback when he found his love again. The twist in Ransley’s character was kind of a little unexpected because I actually thought that she’s “gone over the fence” but when everything fell into place, I just wanna say that Rans is one hell of a bad ass woman. There are also cute moments in the book especially with London and Staci, being the only teens in this world of adults, it so cute to watch them get a grasp of their raging hormones. Let’s talk about another bad ass and that is Roydon! I’m gonna refer to an Avengers meme to describe how bad ass he is;
969252ff9987b0d78c8f65ac0618bae8c37ae915cfe946ff3ffbaa7a3fcbafdeThat’s how bad ass my cinnamon roll Roydon is. I like how the Rising was introduced to us, kind of made me think of the rebels from THG but at some point they quite differ since the head of the rebellion doesn’t thirst for power the way Coin did in THG. Can we talk about Suhong? Because the moment she is introduced, we know we’re gonna hate that bitch. Like every time she’s got herself a screen time in the book I was groaning with annoyance and muttering “Fuck off, bitch!”. I was actually picturing her as the actress who played Courtney in the 13 Reasons Why TV show. Gahhh! I hate her. There’s also this one character that I love so much and was so proud the the development and strength that this character showed that made my admiration rise through the roof!

THE ENDING. Its just so perfect. The ending had me in tears not because its so sad and heartbreaking but its wonderful and touching. It left me smiling to myself after I finished reading the book. I appreciate and admire how J. Kowallis ended her book series. Who knows, there could be more stories to be told in the world of The Enertia Trails


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