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Hey there Booklnders! Just recently, I was inspired by Eventbrite to share what my dream bookish panel will be whether its the authors that we adore and look up to or the fictional characters that we so loved. I certainly love attending bookish events, the ones that I get to attend to are mostly book signings that were held by some local bookstore(either FUllyBooked or National Bookstore) featuring international best selling authors. I don’t live anywhere near the U.S. to grant me the chance to attend the awesome book cons and book events like YAllWest or Book Expo America (BEA).

But imagine how awesome it’ll be like to plan an event that includes all the authors that you want to meet and put them in a panel together, Eventbrite has some conference maganement tools that can help you on planning the events and conferences that you want have with easy steps to follow.

Now lets’s go discuss what my dream book panel will be…


My dream author panel would be divided into four parts which would be my favourite genres in the literary universe and my favourite authors in each one.

Fanta-Sassy Panel

I’ve always been a big sucker when it comes to fantasy, I love how it transports me from this earth to a different realm where magic rules and legendary creatures exists! If you’ve been chilling in my blog for a while now you’ll notice that most of my reviews are from fantasy books and TV shows. So without any further a do, here goes my dream Fanta-Sassy Panel.

dsc_0273-1Sarah J. Maas
She is the author of the epic fantasies of the Throne of Glass series and A Court of Thorns and Roses series. I love her works and writing style so much! It’s the way that she got me immersed in to her world and had me attached to the characters that she created. I love her strong female heroines and swoon worthy males.

Rick RiordanRick_Riordan
Author the Demigod Chronicles; Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, The Heroes of Olympus series, The Kane Chronicles, The Trials of Apollo and Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series. He is the one who got me involved in the world of reading in such an early age. I have dreamed of meeting him in person since then. 

chnwbky1J.K. Rowling
Do I need more ‘splainin’ for this one? Okay, I’ll indulge. She wrote the  infamous Harry Potter series that’s been taking over generation after generation! I love the Harry Potter books, I marathoned the whole series once for a month and now I’m doing some rereading and movie adaptation watching after. I just love love her Wizarding World. BTW, I got sorted as a Slyrherin and Horned Serpent in Pottermore! What’s yours?

george-rr-martinGeorge R.R. Martin
This is not gonna be an epic Fantasy Panel if GRRM ain’t included. He’s known for his epic, gruesome, bloody and intriguing ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ book series that is now a booming HBO TV show. I still haven’t read his creations (only the first chapter of Game of Thrones, if that still counts) but I hope when I do I won’t get too intimidated by it like I am now.

324620Laini Taylor
She is the one I so look up to the most when it comes to writing amazing fantasy worlds. Laini wrote the series ‘Daughter of Smoke and Bone’ that totally blew me away and had me deciding that no matter what I’m gonna be a writer. I love how she laid out the world of her books to her readers, the magic and the art of it. She is a weaver of intricate tales.

What I would totally love for these authors is to one by one read the meanest tweet that were said to them or the characters that they created. Tell the readers what their literary babies would’ve been like if they existed in our world (if its set in a different realm), share to us some tips when it comes to creating such worlds with strange magic rules and do some ‘splainin’ after all those killin’.

Sci-Fi/ Dyst-Oh Yeah Panel

Aside from an epic fantasy book, I adore a good Sci-Fi story. You know that little fast-forward to the future that we can get to have through the works of the authors who I bet are probably time travelers who came from different universes that are parallel to our own to give us a preview of the probable future. But what am I saying! Here goes my dream panel members of the Sci-Fi writers society.

veronica-roth-300Veronica Roth
She wrote the ‘Divergent’ trilogy and hos now released a new book called ‘Carve the Mark’. I like her strong female heroine and the concept of her books. And by the way, she utterly destroyed me in her last Divergent book that had me in fear of multiple POVs in the book for quite a while. Ha!

Marissa Meyermeyer pic credit Kali Raisl
Author of the Sci-Fi version of the retelling of our beloved fairy tales in her book series called ‘The Lunar Chronicles’. She creates such amazing futuristic world and remarkably lovable characters. Her books are so perfect for the fans of Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica.

t100poll_collins_suzanneSuzanne Collins
Need I say more about her? She just the lady who wrote the controversial and banned books that are ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy. The series that was adapted into a movie series that at some point were banned in some countries because it might inspire revolution from its people, Talk about some powerful piece of literary material.

I think it’ll be fun for these authors to answer some questions on the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game and share to us how some tips when writing a dystopian book and what rules of physics to defy and once again, do some ‘splainin’ afer all those killin’. Ha!



Okay, so moving on from the authors of my favourite genres that I want to be put in a panel together, I’m gonna talk about the characters that I wanna sit together in that long table answering questions from readers and sassing the crap out of us or just sit there and exist. Here goes the list of the Fictional Characters that I want to put up together in a panel.

  • Hermione Granger
  • Percy Jackson
  • Celaena Sardothien
  • Lord Rhysand of the Night Court
  • Tessa Gray
  • Dorian Havilliard

Imagine these characters playing the infamous game of “Kiss. Marry. Kill”. Just imagine them sassing the heck out of each other and Dorian, Tessa and Hermione being bookish and Celeana joining in. Imagine Rhysand and Percy having sass battle and the others just groaning in disbelief. Imagine them taking questions from the people present at the event and just… Imagine.

And that is the share of what my dream bookish panel would be. In my mind while I was typing this, I’ve already pictured the events that might take place especially in my panel of Fictional Characters and I know its gonna be super fun! Also, I suck when it comes putting on some panel title (Dyst-Oh Yeah? Really? Bleh! Haha).


So you guys, do you have any dream bookish panel that you wish to happen or fictional characters that you want to interact with? Share those with me in the comments section and let’s discuss!

Thanks so much for reading!



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