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TV Tuesday: A Series of Unfortunate Events

A new unpleasant TV show has been released by and is now streaming on Netflix. The wait on the show had been dire since the day is was announced that it’ll have again an adaptation but now as a TV show. Awrtight I’m getting tired of introducing this show the way they do on the promo haha.



Oh my goodness! A Series of Unfortunate Events is finally released for the world to see! Yasss… marathon time bithces! I’ve read the book series back when I was a sophomore, I was probably 13 or 14 years old then (???) and I so loved reading it! I remember going back to the school’s Scholastic Reading Center every lunch break just so I can borrow the next book and the next book til the last book “The End”. *sighs* Those days. I gotta say, Lemony Snicket is one of the authors who just don’t give a single eff, remember when he filled a page with the word “ever”? What about that time when he just have two pages that has the same content on it just for the sake of deja vu? But enough of all this reminiscing, let’s talk about the TV show!


In case you don’t know yet, A Series of Unfortunate Events follows the life the three children namely Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire who went on a journey to find out the truth about their parents’ death, the “accidental fire” that killed them and the mysterious organization called V.F.D. However, since they were minors, the Baudelaire family’s lawyer sent the kids to a very distant relative, Count Olaf, who took all the measures to get a hold of the humongous fortune that was left behind be the Baudelaire’s parents.

(You just saw me there summarizing ASoUE based on my memory on the series so forgive me of I got some wrong info on that short unpleasing paragraph.)


The TV show will star Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf whom I’m so excited to see, I think he’s gonna nail this role because watching the trailer he seemed so serious as kinda scary. The Baudelaire children are to be played by Malina Weissman (Violet), Louis Hynes (Klaus) and Presley Smith (Sunny). Daniel Handler, Lemony Snicket himself, wrote the screenplay so we can definitely expect something better that what the Paramount Pictures gave us last 2004

I’m just so so excited to watch this series to Imma gonna leave you now and start my marathon time. In the meantime, go watch the unconvincing trailer and miserable official theme song below.


Did you look away? Of course you didn’t, you enjoy watching the three children’s suffering and loss too much to even bother looking away. JK!

Thanks so much for reading! See ya next time my beloved Booklander.


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