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Blog Tour: Evolution Trilogy (Review)


Author: Vanessa Wester
Format: PDF (Review Copy)
Date Published: May 2015
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult
Overall Rating: ✮✮✮✮
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The Evolution Trilogy-Book 1

 Caitlin Chance hopes that university life will open many doors. New friends, her own digs, and an enriched learning environment. It’s what she needed to get on with her life. When she meets Steven Thorn during Fresher’s week she has no idea that her future is on a different kind of trajectory. The attraction they share is instant and it is no surprise that they find themselves drawn to one another.

However, Steven has a secret past that is destined to reveal itself. Soon he will become a stranger to everyone and his new life in Brazil will begin. People like him are not meant to live amongst normal humans. The wheels are set in motion for his radical upheaval.

But first love is a powerful thing, and the connection forged between Caitlin and Steven is not easily broken.

The impossible is only the beginning…


The Evolution Trilogy – Book 2

Steven Thorn has had a nightmare year… He finds out he is not normal. His life gets erased. He starts a new life in the amazon, and then he ends up with a debilitating injury. Life could not get any worse – he thinks.
Yet luck is on his side as his injury leads to freedom and his eventual return to Southampton. His new home is a Victorian house on the outskirts of Southampton, a place close to his first love, Caitlin Chance. Now that he is back, he intends to find a way into her life, but he has no idea if she will even remember him.
Caitlin is about to discover the reason for her unexplained sadness over the past year, and will find it hard to resist Steven’s magnetic pull. She has never been good at avoiding things that are bad for her, and the return of Steven is about to challenge her willpower in an unimaginable way.
As begun in Hybrid, Vanessa Wester takes you back to the University of Southampton to reveal more twists and turns in The Evolution Trilogy. Life is full of complications, and sometimes it is hard to know if you made the right choice.


The Evolution Trilogy – Book 3

Steven Thorn and Caitlin Chance are meant to be together. At least, when they first fell in love it seemed inevitable. But love is sometimes not enough. It makes them act irrationally, it tests family loyalties, breaks and makes friendships, and causes physical and mental pain.
Yet, without love, Steven and Caitlin are lost.
As they return to the community and discover the possibilities open to them, all is not what they hoped. Steven has impacted the lives of many since he was discovered, and the choices he made have led to events beyond anyone’s control.
Love brought Steven and Caitlin together and fate is playing with their emotions, constantly undermining their willpower and determination. In the game of love, destiny is always the winner.
As continued from COMPLICATIONS, Vanessa Wester takes you back to the Amazon as Steven and Caitlin return to the community and try to figure out their future. Finally, you will discover the next steps for the community, its inhabitants, and humanity.

Book Review

The Plot. I like plot progression of the book, but at some point it kind of made me feel like there’s a loophole but as the plot unravels, how it turned out is really good. The Characters. The characters are remarkable even the side characters have a great play in the outcome and character developments of Steven and Caitlin. The Writing. I like the writing style of the book, how we get to know every character because the different POVs. The character development is amazing, I like how the characters grow as the books progresses.

Other Thoughts. At first I thought it’ll all be like “Twilight”. Why? First is Caitlin; the readhair, the klutz bahaviour, so Bella yeah? Also the love at first sight thing… but boy I was so wrong, as the story goes on and as the side and supporting characters are introduced, it showed its difference and unique qualities. I also like the prologues on the books for we get to have a little back view and understand more the story.


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