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Blog Tour: My Friends Are All Strange (Review)

My Friends Are All Strange
Margaret Lesh
Publication date: October 18th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

My friends are all strange.

Right now I’m living at Brookside, a place for people like me. I’ve met a kitty girl, a brooding beautiful boy, one who can’t be touched, and others. My new friends. Strange people. People like me.

I’ve always been different, but lately, more so. My hands sometimes don’t seem to be attached to the rest of me. I cut up all of my clothes. I’m hot, so hot, all of the time. If I sleep, a wizard haunts every dream. I don’t sleep. Sometimes I want to run, but where do you run to when you’re trying to escape your own mind? I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same. I’m smart. I’m nice, sometimes. I just want to be normal(ish). But, right now, my friends are all strange… Like me.

Dark, funny, snarky, seventeen-year-old Becca struggles to cope with mental illness in My Friends Are All Strange, the gripping contemporary young adult companion novel to Normalish.

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Book Review

My Friends are all Strange by Margaret Lesh is one beautiful book. I love the writing and how it connects to the readers, especially to the people like me who are screwed up in the head. The characters are unique and remarkable, I like how this misfits band together and help each other endure. Becca’s storytelling voice is strong and definitely definitely strange, in the beginning where she started seeing things and having a fit because its a side effect of all the pressure that she’s in, I wanna reach out and hug her and tell her that “Girl, I feel you. You’re not alone.”

All in all, I love the book and I hope that more people would read this.


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Author Bio:

California native Margaret Lesh lives in a narrow canyon populated by herds of wild burro and packs of coyote. The canyon is also populated with her creative, handsome husband, her feisty mother-in-law, her not-brave-at-all Border Collie, Echo, and sometimes her son (who is away at college. And she is not quite sure how that all happened so fast).

She writes books to entertain young and not-so-young readers as well as herself. She believes tacos are magic.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Tour: My Friends Are All Strange (Review)

  1. Aww, thank you for the lovely review, Danissa! And also for taking the time to read My Friends Are All Strange.

    If you get a chance, I’d love to see this review up on Amazon. And let me know if you’d like an ecopy of Normalish!

    All best,

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