Book Review: The Hidden Oracle (Trials of Apollo #1)

26252859Author: Rick Riordan
Format: Kindle
Genre: Young Adult, Mythology
Number of Pages: 384
Date Published: May 3 2016


How do you punish an immortal? By making him human. After angering his father Zeus, the god Apollo is cast down from Olympus. Weak and disoriented, he lands in New York City as a regular teenage boy. Now, without his godly powers, the four-thousand-year-old deity must learn to survive in the modern world until he can somehow find a way to regain Zeus’s favor. But Apollo has many enemies—gods, monsters, and mortals who would love to see the former Olympian permanently destroyed. Apollo needs help, and he can think of only one place to go . . . an enclave of modern demigods known as Camp Half-Blood.


This is so far, the best Rick Riordan book yet. It made me “LOL” a lot of times because Apollo has that awesome way of telling the story and of the damn haiku chapter titles and bad puns, I like how excited I feel every time I end a chapter and flip for the next one because of those godawful poems of Apollo. I just love this book, its fun. 

Also, seeing Apollo have those tantrums where he’s all like “If I were still a god…”, but no bruh, you’re a 14/15 year old boy… with no abs, ha! And every time Percy appears I smile so much because I miss that kid and his sass so much. I also love how cool Apollo is with Will dating Nico, ahhh Solangelo *sighs* even Apollo thinks they are so cute together. Its pne of the reasons I love the books of Uncle Rick is that it explores the diversity, he shows the struggle of being yourself while not yet out of the closet and when you do came out of that proverbial closet, you’re welcomed with flying colors. Then there’s Leo! OMG! I screamed more at the book after I finished reading the last chapter. Those fanfics of Leo’s return to Camp Half-Blood are very satisfied as to what the campers reaction and what they did when he returned.

Fun and amazing book, I’m so excited to get my hands on the next one.

I rate it:
Ratings - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy


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