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Book Review: Against All Silence (SOS #2)

27071332Author: E.C. Myers
Format: ARC
Genre: Thriller, Fiction
Publisher: Adaptive Books
Date of Publish: August 23 2016
Number of Pages: 368
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From GoodReads
After being a key figure in the exposing of government corruption, Max Stein has spent a quiet semester abroad in Paris, studying, staying off the Internet, and looking for his long-lost mother. But just as he is about to fly back to the United States for the holidays, trouble manages to find him once again.

Max receives a call from Penny, his on-again-off-again girlfriend who is part of the expert hacking duo DoubleThink. She wants him to meet with Ada Kiesler, a high-profile whistleblower hiding out at a foreign embassy in Berlin. Max has no interest in getting drawn into another corporate conspiracy. But when airport security suddenly detains him on suspicion of cyber-terrorism, he has little choice but to get involved. Soon Max and Penny are tangling with a new group of shadowy figures who are determined to control how the world shares its information. And some figures from Max s past resurface, including his own mother, whose life has mirrored his own in more ways than he d realized.

In this action-packed follow up to “The Silence of Six,” Max and his hacker friends must fight to expose a corrupt corporation that has been systematically taking control of the Internet.” 

Sending my massive thanks to Adaptive Books for sending me an Advance Readers Copy (ARC) of the book, Against All Silence, in exchange of an honest review. This won’t affect in anyways my views and opinions of the book.



When I first heard about The Silence of Six is getting a squeal I was like, “Really?”. In the first book, Max Stien revealed the nefarious plans of the social media  group, Panjea, regarding its users’ privacy and information with the help of fellow hackers as he follow the trail of breadcrumbs left by his late best friend, Evan. It was a really cool book that made me one of those wanna be hackers.

In the second book of the SOS series, we witness how Max’s actions affected his social status, he became a public figure because his Panjea expose’ and revealing his identity to the world. Against All Silence is dealing with more political matters and more internet shenanigans regarding mostly on the internet providing companies. Myers writing captures the reader’s curiosity and interest with the mystery and thrill as the plot develops. The character development is also really good, I like how the connection between the characters especially between Max and Penny have kind of a strain or a crack into it that affects their decisions through out the book. I like the sexual diversity that is in the book especially the Enzo’s lesbian parents (Max’s foster family in France). This whole fiasco of Max being a public figure and being the most famous hacker started when Evan pulled that trigger and you know how real and strong  Max and Evan’s friendship are for even beyond the grave, Evan was still affecting Max at some of the times he is to make a decision or a move in this book. 

Another good thing that I find about this books to is that it raise online awareness especially on the privacy of the users. I also like how the book throw some shade at the media regarding the reports and the news that they release on the public. The only thing that made me go wait what again is that when the characters started talking about taking down the internet and used their hacker lingo… well I have to read those pages and lines three times to let it sink in my ordinary mind. Also the ‘romance’ between Max and Penny feels forced, which at some point actually is ( you’ll find out when you read the book). Another thing that I like about the book is the ending, makes you wanna ask for more like; wait there’s no epilogue? What happened in the after? Did they fixed it? It will leave you wondering just as it did in the first book (with the mum stuff).

Over all I like the book and its concept, the plot and the writing are amazing. E.C. Myers is one phenomenal writing of this online related thrillers.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (4)


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