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Recap: Amy and Andrea in PH (Amy Zhang and Andrea Portes’ Philippine Book Tour

First off, I wanna send my massive thanks to National Bookstore for bringing the amazing authors, Amy Zhang and Andrea Portes, in the Philippines and hosting their book tour in the country.


Okay, so the day started as any day a book signing event was about yo take place. Woke up at 1am to be at the event site before 6 and it was all so worth it because when we registered, we’re within the range of 50! I was there with my BFF and book buddy, Arvin and the amazing bookish peeps, Joshua and Danielle and Suzanne, that we met in Jennifer Niven’s book signing.

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As usual, the book signing event starts at two so our little squad took our time to walk around the Shangrila Plaza Mall where we went to the bookstores like NBS and Power Books. Fast forward to the event itself when Amy and Andrea came on stage, they had a Q&A with the event emcee and asked them about their books and the possible movie adaptation. Amy was asked about her book being published right out of high school and how at that time is the only time Amy is so disciplined at herself because she have to wake up at 4am and write until 6am before she go to school. Andrea was asked about the movie adaptation of her book, Hick, and said that she works as the screenwriter too. Both talked about the books that they are working on and their reasons why they write books that involves teen depression and substance abuse, its that we need to give attention to it and not just let it slide.

When the official Q&A is done, we readers we’re given a chance to ask them questions that we’ve been wanting to ask so of course I grabbed the opportunity even though my anxiety got better of me and my voice is shaky. I asked first Amy about the new book that she’s working on if there’s gonna be an LGBT character that’s gonna play a role on the plot development. Amy’s answer; yes, her new book is gonna have a diverse character who is the brother of the main character that is not actually a heterosexual but not totally homosexual. So in my mind I was like “oh so is he a bisexual?”. And on Andrea, I asked the question that’s been on my mind ever since I finished reading her book, its that if the tag line of her book is a metaphor for a person being high or drugged which got a few giggles from the crowd. Andrea’s answer; she didn’t know her publisher put it in the front of the book and that it didn’t mean like that because maybe its the love and the things the at make your loved ones happy that makes you not able to keep them from the sky.

I’m the girl on the pink shirt, at the back of the girl holding the mic. ©National Bookstore

After the Q&A, the book signing started and that’s the time where I can’t contain my excitement! We all first went to Andrea’s table and wow, she’s such a sweet and lovely person. I told her that I love Willa and her wit and I felt bad that she didn’t get to save Remy from her downward spiral and Andrea said that she felt about that too but she has to make it happen because it happens in real life and she also said that she like my name😍! Then I went to Amy’s table and  I told her that I gotta drop the name pun and said that her writing is Ama-Zhang and she laughed and said that she uses that when she was little, now she really can use it after her books’ success. There was a lot of laughs with Amy, she’s so sweet and wonderful and full of laughter that I ended up saying that I love her 😊.


 I just felt sad when I got my phone back from the official photographer because when I saw the photo taken of me and Andrea, Andrea’s face is blurred 😭. Next time, I won’t be forgetting to bring my digi-cam and not use my phone camera again. And here goes the signed books:


So! That is all for this little book signing recap! I’ll see you guys again next time and hope to meet new bookish peeps in the upcoming events! MIBF is just less than two months away 😁👌.

Bonus: Before we left, our little squad said our goodbyes to Amy and Andrea. And when I said ‘said’, we practically yell a ‘Bye Amy’ and ‘Bye Andrea’ at the side of the event area before shuffling as fast as we can but not before we saw the authors wave goodbye at us too 😀.




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