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Bookish Reactions: Emma Stone Edition

“The face you make when someone who have already read the book that you are currently reading blurted out a spoiler.”

Here are the most common reactions we book readers have when it comes to our book love and nerdiness. So without further a do, here goes the bookish reactions. Emma Stone edition.


When you’re in the bookstore and asked your mom to spot you an extra cash so that you can buy the book that you are eyeing at and she said… “NO!

Emma-Booklandia6But at some point voices the comment that you have in your head and said that its a good thing that you asked for money to buy books to keep a healthy mind and not to buy drugs. But still, you’re momma says the big N-O.

When you’re on a book buying ban but your feet brought you inside the bookstore and ended up buying books… more than 5.

Emma-Booklandia9 Emma-Booklandian10

But at some point you talked yourself out of the guilt of your binge book buying


When you’re reading a book, especially the most anticipated one you have, and you know you’re gonna pull an all nighter.


The face you make when someone who have already read the book that you are currently reading blurted out a spoiler.


And when the main character of the book that you’re reading made a stupid decision after a stupid decision.


That awesome moment when you reach the part of the book where the author finally let your ship sail!


When that book that you’re reading has some hardcore/ deep sentence and methaphor that you just have to put the book down and contemplate how awesome that line is and that you’re gonna use it as caption on your next Insta post.


What about that time when the author killed the main character or the person that you are shipping them too.

Emma-Booklandia3and you’re still in denial about the sudden death and hopes to have them resurrected before the book ends…
but they didn’t and you finally let yourself pour all your feels and be hysterical because what the author did is just fucking cruel…

And the time when you finished reading and put down the book, you realized that no matter how much it shattered your heart, it also blew your mind to the next galaxy because of how awesome it was.


Then later realized that the you’ll have to wait for a year for the next installment…


or found yourself in a goddamn reading slump…

Emma-Booklandia17 Emma-Booklandia16

Did they seemed accurate enough, Booklanders? Which one is your favourite? Tell me in the comments. Til next time lovelies! Toodles!





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