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Jennifer Niven Philippine Book Tour Recap

Okay, you guys, its not everyday you get a chance to meet the author whose book have saved your life and prevented any future event of self-harm. So when the local bookstore, National Bookstore, announced that Jennifer Niven is coming in the Philippines, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to congratulate and thank her personally. Here goes all of what went down in the book signing that gave us a moment in the bright place.


Massive thanks to National Bookstore for organizing the event and for bringing Jennifer Niven in our country!

Waking up at 1:00 in the morning was of so worth it! My best friend, Arvin, and I’s call time was 3:30. So we waited at the bus stop and it took us almost an hour to wait for the bus bound to Cubao after that we almost lost our way (heh province kiddos here) and got to the venue at nearly 5:45 … So yeah, we got to the place of the event and the line is already so long for some people camped out of the site just so (talk about dedication) and I was worried my number would be around 150-200 but alas, I got the number 91! Aww yeah, not too bad huh?


We later found some chairs to sit on and that’s where awesome stuff started happening. We met this group of people who were sitting beside us their names are Joshua, Danielle, Gab, and Suzanne. They were really nice, can you believe that before we even introduced ourselves on one another we asked them first to look after out bags while get some lunch and we also returned the favour for them. It was really amazing to meet new bookish peeps when attending a book events and eventually get comfortable with their company.


There goes the groupie…

And now we get to the event it self, Jennifer Niven walked up to that make shift stage and all hell broke loose and I’m proud to say that me and the new found bookish squad are part of the wild crowd where we screamed and wow, such a great experience. Jennifer Niven is such an amazing person, she’s so sweet and so genuine.


I took the chance to thank her, here’s what I remember from our brief conversion:

Me: Hi!

JN: Hi, how are you?

Me: I’m good, can I tell you something?

JN:Yeah, sure.

Me: You are God’s gift to us readers, especially to those who are like. The ones that are having their everyday mental battle. Your book save me from further self harm.

JN: Thank you so much that means a lot to me knowing that and *holds my hand* just remember that your are loved and not alone in this world.

Me: Thank you for opening my eyes on the a lot of things especially on the beauty of life… And one more thing, I nominate Logan Lerman as Theodore Finch.  😀

JN: Oh yeah, he’s definitely got the eyes.

Then smile for the camera!


It was such a great experience that I’ll forever cherish as long as I live. By the way, look out for her new book that will be coming out this October, it’s called ‘Holding Up the Universe’.


Aaaanndd that’s a wrap! That is all for this blog post, stay tuned for more book reviews and book signing events to venture to! Auf Wiedersehen! 



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