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Book Review: Eerie

28116403Author: C.M. McCoy
Format: Kindle Edition
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Number of Pages: 411
Date Published: December 15th 2015



Hailey’s dreams have always been, well…vivid. As in monsters from her nightmares follow her into her waking life vivid.

When her big sister goes missing, eighteen-year-old Hailey finds the only thing keeping her safe from a murderous 3,000-year-old beast is an equally terrifying creature who has fallen “madly” in love with her. Competing to win her affection, the Dream Creature, Asher, lures her to the one place that offers safety–a ParaScience university in Alaska he calls home. There, she studies the science of the supernatural and must learn to live with a roommate from Hell, survive her ParaScience classes, and hope the only creature who can save her from an evil immortal doesn’t decide to kill her himself.


My review

First of, I wannna send my thanks to Xpresso Reads and C.M. McCoy for grating me my request to review this book.

Eerie by C.M. McCoy is a dark, funny, intriguing and over all alluring tale. I watched the book trailer first before reading the book and the trailer is so good it poked my curiosity that lead me into making a request yo review the book. Eerie is so strange it took me a while to get into the world of the book. Its a bit confusing and unlike other books, it didn’t had me fully plunged into the world in just a few chapters but I kept on reading and trust me when I say the book keeps getting better and better.

I fell in love with the boo when I got introduced in the Bear Towne Uni in Alaska, its like the Hogwarts for the paranormal creature. I loved Tomas, the phantom hair dresser, I wish I had one just so I can have a great hair day everyday like Hailey. I also loved the description of the bookworms here in the the book (can’t stop giggling when I read that part) and Matthew the book worm being described as a look a like of Jabba the Hutt because of his too much tea drinking. Loved it!

Fin’s character is much more interesting that Asher. I mean Asher’s character is interesting too but he’s a bit creepy and attached. I like Fin’s character because he’s so alive and sweet. Asher’s sweet too but come on, Fin’s the ladies’ man and he always have that seductive effect on us ladies *winks*. What I can’t believe is that Hailey is actually an 18 year old, for seems like a 16 year old to me. She’s strong though, even if most times she’s a cry baby.  I love Giselle, she’s the kind of friend who will pour  a bucket of reality over  you when you get too dreamy, hah.

I can’t believe I’m asking more! Sure at first I’m reluctant to finish the book but as I progress in the world and the story, I slowly fell in love with the story and the cliff hanger uuhhgg! I need more! C.M. McCoy did a good job writing Eerie. I recommend you guys to read this book too, Eerie needs a fandom. I need someone to talk about Eerie so I’m recommending it to you guys, read it! 🙂

I rate it:
Ratings - Copy (3)
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Watch the Book Trailer here:


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