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Most Anticipated Books of 2016


So here we are again, another year have passed us by. 2016 is gonna be a year that is filled again of anticipated books and growing TBR. SO without further a do, here’s the list of my most anticipated books of 2016!

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27779008Forever Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon.

I love love love the first three books of Doon! It made me have this unputdownable wanderlust to Scotland, I fell in love with the magical kingdom of Doon and the the chatacters, especially the MacCrea brothers! *swoon*

Also, if you’ve already read Shades of Doon, you know why I’m so eager to have this beautiful book in my hands. Because of you’ve read the last book, that cliffhanger made me want to reap my hair out of my head! My gosh!


26252859 The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

Okay, who would say no to this? Rick Riordan is one of my author buy books! If some of you guys grow up with J.K. Rowling shaping your book loving persona, I have Uncle Rick to shape mine. I grew up with his characters by my side. Plus, we’re gonna be having Percy in this book, if that doesn’t made it more exciting I don’t know what will. So yeah, I’m so looking forward in this book. Apollo is gonna be a teenage boy, and Percy is gonna be like in his 20’s in this book. The excerpt had us crazy for the book, I can’t wait to have it in my hands!


26874946 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

Remember what I said earlier that Uncle Rick is one of my automatically buy authors? Yeah, I am so excited for this second book of Magnus Chase. The first book is such a fun and amazing read. we met the ever sassy and witty Magnus, we get to see glimpses of Annabeth in the book too! I’m just so looking forward to reading this book and hang around with Magnus more and yeah maybe we’ll see our dear old Camp Half-Blood friends in this book too. And I love Magnus, he’s such a fun dude. No official cover for this book just yet *sighs*.


51791fac06ad83b1f20c93afe76b15dbe0df3b81 Glass Sword by Vicoria Aveyard

This book! *screams* I can’t wait any longer to have this on my hands and read it! Because oh come on, Red Queen was such a blast to begin with. I’m looking forward on seeing more of the Scarlet Guard and Shade and Cal and Mare and of course, Maven! The first book had been mind blowing and feels shattering that I was in a cry fest when I finished reading it. And if you see that tag line: ‘Kneel or Bleed’, well I think I should start getting freaking nervous. 


17342750 Soldier by Julie Kagawa

I am currently loving Julie Kagawa’s works! I am currently reading Rogue by Julie Kagawa which is the second book of Talon saga. Soldier is the third book. I am freaking nervous about this book! The feels are hitting me like tidal waves and every time there’s a climatic scene in her books am just freaking the hell out! There better be more Ember and Riley scenes in this book. Like really, my gosh I wasn’t done reading Rogue yet and ‘if’ Riley die on Rogue, I don’t know if I’ll be able to go on reading the series. Much love to the rogue dragon, Riley’s my bae. That G double B dude *faints*.


20443235 The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski

I loved The Winner’s Curse and The Winner’s Crime. I’m so looking forward on reading this book. It’s the final one and oh my gosh! WAR! I love the politics in this book series, the world building is A++mazing and the characters are really remarkable and clever. I’m just so excited for this book and what gonna become of Kestrel and Arin. There are rumors that they changed the cover design and I am not liking it! The original covers are so fab why change it? My shelf OCD shelf is growling inside. Please keep those amazing covers! No need to change it!


25944798 The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson

The third and final book of Mary E. Pearson’s The Remnant Chronicles. The first book, The Kiss of Deception, has been mind blowing and drove me over the edge. The second book, The Heart of Betrayal, was kind of plae in comparison to the first book. But hey, its a middle book, it’s a bridge between the first and last book, it what it usually does. But yeah, I’m s0 looking forward in reading this book for I am so invested in the world if  Lia and Rafe and Kaden. And I am so looking forward on what gonna happen to this crazy love triangle too.


13541054 The Dark Artifices: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Another book in the Shadowhunter universe! There’s no stopping Cassie Clare on revealing all the secrets of the amazing Shadow World to us! Just so you guys know, Cassandra Clare is one of my auto-buy book authors. She wrote that, I’m gonna buy it. Especially if it involves the Shadow World in it. I am so excited to meet Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn and some appearances of our all time loved characters of the past Shadowhunter books! I’m just so excited to read this, my feels about this book is all over the place.


21793182 Starflight by Melissa Landers

I loved Melissa Landers’s Alienated series and I’m just so excited to read another one of her works! Starflight is also gonna be a series and emegerd, I need to have it! I love her amazing galactic imagination and her amazing writing and fun scenes. At some point I think its gonna remind me of something Star Wars-y and I’m gonna love it for sure.




26180279 United by Melissa Landers

Another book from her Alienated universe! Yay! More Aelyx and Cara! I’m just so fashing (see what I did there?) excited for this book to come out because if you’ve read Invaded, the second of the series, you know it’s not really the end even though the characters seemed fine with their happy ending. We know that there is more to the world than ‘that’ and we’ve barely scratch the surface of the said invasion. So I’m just so happy that we’re gonna be having a third book in the Alienated series. The cover is yet to come, but I’ll bet my kittens its gonna be more, if not as, gorgeous as the first two!


25558608 A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

An Ember in the Ashes has been a mega amazing book of my 2015 and I’m so looking forward to read more about it! An Ember in the Ashes was said to be a stand alone but the uproar from the readers who have finished reading the book have made the book two a possibility. But yeah, I’m so excited for this book. I wonder if there’s gonna be a Helene and Keenan. Such an amazing series.



18584855Heartless by Marissa Meyer

I love love love Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles, especially Winter. Such a great way to wrap up an epic series. I so looking forward on reading more of her works. I love her fairy tale retelling style, it felt so Star Wars-y too which made it mega amazing. I’ve read Fairest, a book that is told in a villain’s POV and I’m so excited to read another book of hers that is also in that style. 



So! That is all for the books that I am anticipating this year! What about you guys, any books that you are dying to get your hands on this year? Care to tell me in the comments? 😉

Whoo! 2016, BRING IT ON!




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