Horror · Short Story · Young Adult

Sealed With A Curse Book Review

26853252Author: Jenna Black
Format: eBook ARC
Publisher: Jenna Black
Number of Pages: 73

Publication Date: October 10 2015


Being the new kid in town sucks, and when you’re the only one not invited to the party of the year, you know you’re a real outcast. So when Chloe discovers she’s invited to the annual Halloween party after all, she throws together a costume and braves a hurricane to go. But there’s more than weather threatening the fun, and unless she can find a way to counter the curse that’s killing off the partygoers, it’ll be the last party she or any of her classmates ever attend. Forget about trick or treats; tonight is going to be pure terror.

My review

I received an ARC of the book before the release date but my damn school projects are in the way I didn’t get to read it eventually, but now that I have…

Sealed with a Curse is the shortest, creepiest I had this time of Halloween! Everything happened in the short span of the book. Great character development, plot twist, feels, you name it, this short story got it! This book is the perfect read for Halloween because it will definitely give you the creeps on going to Halloween parties.

Its fast-paced and bloody I love it! This is the very first Jenna Black book that I’ve ever read but I’m looking forward on reading her other books too! Such a phenomenal author, Stephen King better watch out!

I rate it:
Ratings - Copy (4)

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