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Merry Mondays: #MacCraeMondays

It’s that day of the week again that we are all dreading to come since it indicates that we’ll be back to our ever busy lives, in our works and schools. But hey let’s get it merry and we’ll start our week by doing a fan cast on who should play the roles of Jaime and Duncan MacCraes if ever the book, Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon, became a movie!

I’m casting…

Austin Butler as Jaime MacCrae


Matt Lanter as Duncan MacCrae


How about you guys? Who do you think are the actors that will be fit and swoon-worthy enough to play the roles of the MacCrae borthers? Feel free to comment bellow! 😀

Here goes my reaction because to me these two are swoon worthy enough:


Happy reading and have a Merry Monday readers!


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