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Bookish Reactions: Jennifer Lawrence Edition

It’s time for another edition of the Bookish reactions book lovers! This is going to be featuring the ever perfect Jennifer Lawrence and her epic facial reactions that is exactly how opur faces looks like when book related stuff happen.

  • When you accidentally blurted out a spoiler on the book that your friend is reading she hasn’t noticed it yet.


  • When someone insulted your favourite book and you cant hit them because you’re in public.


  • When you found someone who reads the same book as you and are as crazy as you are in fangirling.


  • That time when you saw a Q&A of you’re favourite author and you just cant believe what they just said about their upcoming book.


  • When, at some point, you had a disagreement with another fan of your favourite book.


  • When you found a post on tumblr about the book that you’ve just read and you cant help but agree with it.


More bookish reactions post coming! Featuring other celebs or maybe animated characters. 🙂 Happy reading!



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