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Ruins and Rising Book Review

tumblr_n0zwlbUkQG1qm7imdo1_1280Author: Leigh Bardugo

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

Ruins and Rising is the third and final book of Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy, it is the highly anticipated conclusion of Alina Starkov’s story and her journey of finding the third amplifier that she needed to defeat the Darkling. She embarked the journey with the remaining Grisha of the Second Army and Mal with, again, the help of Nikolai; they will find the Morozva’s firebird defeat the Darkilng and his dark forces.

Saints! This book is overwhelmingly beautiful! It’s filled with emotion and action, such beauty. It made me cry, it made me smile, and it made me shriek because of the book’s intensity. There are a lot of revelations in the book that made say “Dammit! I was wrong.” Leigh Bardugo’s writing, as I’ve before, is compelling and intense that the latest book is better than the last one. Ruins and Rsisng made me cry multiple times because if what the author did to her characters, like for example, Nikolai and A—the Darkling, heh. I never thought I want to know the name of the Darkling so badly until it was said in this book. That ending is overflowing with feels; I just wanna curl up in a ball and cry my heart out. It was so beautiful, I can’t believe a I avoided this trilogy for so long.

Mal, I knew something was off about him. I actually thought he was a Grisha with a power of tracking and can be associated in a different Order but no, he’s no Grisha because he’s bigger than that. The Darkling, whoo, he’s not the villain that I wanna hate because for some reason he’s not really a villain. He’s just some guy who wants a place for people like him in the world and security for his kind, his methods in reaching this goal are just the one that made him seem so bad and come on, and he’s just a boy who wants to be with someone like him. And Nikolai, my gosh I’m so in love with him. He’s my bae, I’m willing to be his queen. He’s the coolest guy in the book, that thing that happened to him punctured my heart just like how it marked him for the rest of his life, I like how he fought it and not let it take over him. At that point I somehow considered hating the Darkling because of what he did to Nikolai. But at the end he’s still Nikolai and I still love him no matter what. Oh, and Alina, like wow, looking back on the first book she is very different there. I love her character development; I like how she gets tougher, braver, and stronger as the story progresses. I like watching her struggle on her feelings for the three guys that want/need her. She’s one of the strongest female leads that I’ve ever encountered in the world of YA Lit, she’s not annoying and she thinks bigger stuff than struggle on which guy her heart will choose.

Ruins and Rising is another satisfying book to read just like the first two. I recommend this to everyone, especially those who, like me, avoided the Grisha trilogy before. Read it and be amazed in the world of Grisha that Leigh Bardugo created, fall in love with the characters and get crept out by the Apparat, you’ll just know how much you love the books once you’ve read them.

I rate it:

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