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Siege and Storm Book Review

siegeandstorm316Author: Leigh Bardugo

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

Siege and Storm is the sequel to Shadow and Bone, second book of Leigh Bardugo’s epic Grisha Trilogy. Hunted by the Darkling and the lives she helped took on the Fold, Alina tries to live and have a normal life with Mal on a different land but Alina can’t always runaway from the Darkling, who survived the Fold and now has new and much darker powers, sooner or later the Darkling found her and had her and Mal prisoner on a ship manned by a mysterious privateer called Sturmhond. But Sturmhond is not who Alina thought he was, he help her and Mal escaped the Darkling and return to Os Alta as a Saint with a new amplifier attached to Alina’s wrist. Alina’s determined to fight the Darling and lead the Second Army against him, but as her power grows stronger she slowly slips away from Mal, she can’t know who to trust because it seems that some Grisha of the Second Army can possibly be working for the Darkling. She must understand and know how to harness her power or else she might be taken deeper on the Darkling’s forbidden use of magic and loose herself.

This book is so amazing, I love it! It had me nervous, screaming, crying and giggling. I love the world, the plot, the drama, the action and the newly introduced characters. It’s fast-paced and action packed though there are some dragging parts but all in all, it real amazing and wonderful. Alina’s way of telling the story is better than the first book. I like how the romance doesn’t overwhelm the story. In this book, you wouldn’t know who to trust because it’s filled with lies and deception. Alina’s want for so much power had me scared, like she might become like the Darkling except the light version and also her obsession on finding the firebird might be another trigger to fracture her relationship with Mal which it did since they barely see each other since arriving to Os Alta. I like how she grow and learn how to play a role in the court and put on a show even though she hated it being there and of course she get to do and learn that with Nikolai’s guidance. Speaking of Nikolai, my gosh, I love him! I’m crushing on him from the moment he started speaking. I don’t know who he reminded me of but I love him and his lines on the book, so cocky compared with Mal. I ship him with Alina. And the Darkling and the Apparat are like the total creeps of the book, like heck, my heart stated pounding fast every time they were mention in the book and that’s almost in every chapter. The Darkling’s new powers are really made foe carnage and massacre it’s really scary, and the Apparat’s cult of believers that Alina is a Saint made me have goose bumps especially on the part when Alina saw that some bones are being sold and the seller claiming that it’s her and when she walked out of the palace and the people started grabbing her like whoa that happens in real life every time there’s someone miraculous existed so that makes it extra scary.

Everything in this book is very convincing, compelling and almost close what could happen in real life especially the Saint part. I love every part of this book and mostly Nikolai because he’s bae (ha!) such a satisfying read and that ending made me wanna grab Ruins and Rising eventually because I really need to know what happens next and confirm some of my theories. I wonder what’ll happpedn in the romance in the book because seriously, I don’t exactly know who to ship with Alina because every guy she interacts with fall in love with her. But I go with Nikolai because I like him.

I recommend this to everyone! You can read this in just one sitting because seriously, this is one of those books that when you started reading first chapter there’s no putting it down until you reached the end.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (4)

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