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The Invasion of the Tearling Book Review

22698568Author: Erika Johansen

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Harper Collins

The Invasion of the Tearling is the second book of Erika Johansen’s marvelous The Queen of the Tearling series. In the second book, we go deeper in the world of the Tearling and learn more things about the characters and their backgrounds. The story is also divided into two where we have the story of the invasion and the story of the pre-Crossing. I like how the author reveals some answers to the mysteries, especially on the matter of the names of the characters, seem like this book really has taken the “There’s a power in a name” saying to a whole different level, that your own name can be your weakness. Still, there are things that aren’t to be revealed yet, just like the name of the Fetch and who he really is and the undying question on who is Kelsea’s father. I have my theories on Kelsea’s father and that involves Lily.

Speaking of Lily and Kelsea, the connection of their characters ( not just through this fugue moment but also on the struggles they had and the actions that they have to take in order to survive and to protect others) is very fascinating.

Kelsea, there are times when I’m a bit annoyed at her every time she’s like “I hate being treated lke a child”, I’m sometime like that so yeah okay buy on the part when her hormones are raging and she dreaded being a virgin at the age of nineteen, seriously girl your being invaded. Worry about your sexual need later. But in some way, I kind of get her, so I’m a bit annoyed and more fascinated. She’s very good at provoking her enemy; she has nice set of advisors surrounding her though most of the time she doesn’t listen to their advice, Kelsea also won the hearts of her people. What scares me about her is that she might go dark, like scary-fearfully-dark queen because of what the sapphires are doing to her. I like watching her grow into a strong woman and queen. I really like to see how things will work out between her and Pen.

Lily, that way she describe the women are treated in the old world, pre-Crossing, it seemed very insulting especially on the part of how her husband, Greg, treats her. I like seeing her go tough and stand-up foe herself for a change. How her eyes slowly opens up and see the world around her, it’s very nice character development. Lily is already a little rebel even before she knew it herself especially on how she denies her husband the child he’s been wanting to have from her. I feel really bad about the treatment that she got from her husband, like she’s some sex toy that he’ll hit into when he’s mad or whatever, the best part was when Lily finally got a hold of the little courage she has and fought back. I like Lily’s character, I wonder if we’ll ever get to hear from her on the next book

The red Queen, I don’t know if I’ll be able to hate her after this book. Seeing how vulnerable she really is and knowing her back story, well I was kind of moved. I like how she grew into a strong and fearsome woman, how she used her past to mold herself into the person she is now. Father Tyler, wow best priest ever. The truest one, actually, I hope he’ll replace Anders. And the Mae, though we already know his real name, the air of mystery around him still hasn’t cleared… yet.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (2) - Copy

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