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The Queen of The Tearling Book Review

18712886Author: Erika Johansen

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Harper Collins

The Queen of the Tearling is a wow book, an A++, very fascinating and riveting. There’s a lot of mystery and intrigue that eventually drew me in. At first I thought the book was set in an alternate earth world like Red Queen and Snow Like Ashes but it’s not, The Queen of the Tearling is actually set in a dystopian future that made me say “Whoa, wow… I thought… okay”. The characters of the book are built in an alluring way that makes you wanna know more about them, each has their stories to tell but doesn’t reveal them fully to maintain the air of mystery around them that had a reader guessing. I love The Queen of the Tearling, a real marvelous book. Hands down to you Erika Johansen, what a compelling and appealing writing.

I liked, no loved, I loved the character of Kelsea. On how she is her own person, how she keeps surprising people on her personality and she created her own legacy that she will be known with by the people of the Tearling. Kelsea is a strong character at the beginning of the book with the attitude of a real queen and I like watching her grow stronger as the book progresses, how she proved to everyone that she deserve her queenship, that even though she has an iron grip she still has a gentle heart especially for the poor. When it comes to justice, she proved that family ties never will affect her judgments. Kelsea’s upbringing also has something to do on why she has that nice balance on her leniency, insubordination, recklessness and toughness. What made me love more of her character is her love for books and made me go whoa when I found out that she have read the Harry Potter series. Such beauty.

I’m really curious about who Kelsea’s father is. Characters on the book always assume that Kelsea’s father has something to do on why she is like that. The name of the Fetch and Red Queen pokes my curiosity all the time, I wonder if the author is ever gonna reveal it. There a lot to know about the other characters of the story, everyone is part of something big and important. There’s always something to know about each character. Even if that character is villainous, I can’t bring myself to fully hate him or her because of the sob story that they tell.

I love the book, the character, the world, everything! Such an amazingly written book, a real master piece. Erika Johansen, you did a great job here. I’m so excited to read the second book!

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