Wrap Up & TBR

June Wrap Up

Hello, hello! Guten Tag! (I’m currently trying to learn german, that’s where the ‘Guten Tag came from… Heh) We’re finally done with the month of June and now the time to wrap it up! I actually thought I’m gonna be busy this month but the school officially started at the last week so… Here’s the list of the books that I’ve read this month ang my TBR for the month of July.

Photo-0104 (2)

So here’s the list of all the books that I’ve read this June. Click on the title and author if you want to read my review about the book.

That’s all the books I’ve read this month and what’s great is that I’ve succeeded in my June TBR because I’ve read all that books that I’m suppose to read this month. Now, here goes my July TBR… click on the thumbnail to see preview on GoodReads.

July TBR

18712886 22698568 shadow-and-bone_hi-res-677x1024 tumblr_n0zwlbUkQG1qm7imdo1_1280 siegeandstorm316 91nLRtzrS6L

I’ve decided to read only six (6) book this month since my On-the-Job Training is gonna start officially and it looks like I’ll be spending little time on reading and more time working in the industry and studying in school. But alas! I hope I’ll succeed on reading all the book on my TBR this month of July. Happy reading 😀


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