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An Ember in the Ashes Book Review

20560137Author: Sabaa Tahir

Format: Hardcover


An Ember in the Ashes is THE Book! It got me fully immersed in the world in just four chapters. At first I was all like: Nah, I’ll just read a few chapter but Oh my gosh the book had its claws on my and mine on it and there’s no putting it down unless I finally get to the end. The book has no dragging parts where you wanna say “Meh, I’ll continue later.” No, An Ember in the Ashes doesn’t have that. It has no boring parts at all. At the beginning I was thinking that it reminds me of the Game of Thrones but no, An Ember in the Ashes is a different league. The book is very nicely, no, superior-ly written. The detail are very well laid out, the fight scenes are written well. It’s aver all an amazing, amazing book. Sabaa Tahir did a great job in this book.

The book is told in two point of views, one is Elias’ and the other is Laia’s. I like how every chapter ends with a cliff hanger that made me look forward what will happen with the chapter after the next chapter… Do you even get that? Because the book is told in alternately Elias’ and Laia’s POV and they both have their own story and struggles. I also look forward on how Elias’ and Laia’s paths are gonna cross and when it did, whoa things got even more interesting.

I like how the character development of Laia, how she grew stronger as the book progresses and how she slowly proved her self and her bravery. I also like how her love for his brother and the need to save him fuels her and strengthens her. I also like how good she is at gaining allies without even trying

Elias’ character is not only trying to survive but also wanting to change his life. i like how he see thing much clearer that the other Masks, I loke how his upbringig for the fisrt six years of his life made him different from the other’s at Backcliff. There are time when I laugh while reading and Elias chapter because of his inner dialogue, like every time he looks at Helene or Laia his mind was all like; “Elias! Stop that, what are you even thinking!”. I admire his want for freedom for both body and soul.

The Augurs seem creepy at first because of all their mind reading, foretelling tricks but wow, I like how they handle everything that has something to do with Elias’ and Laia’s destiny. About the resistance, when I first met Mazen, very nerve in my body was screaming Laia don’t trust him! And, ooh, Keenan… I’m looking forward on seeing more of him and how his relationship with Laia will bloom… so as Laia’s relationship with Elias.

There is something big going on in this book, I can’t believe it ended like ‘that’. The while time that I was reading, I’m screaming at the book. It was just that intense. I’m looking forward on having the second book and reading it, I hope it has a catchy title as the An Ember in the Ashes, I hope it’ll be more intense…. I mean, after reading this book, I have high expectations for the next one. Awesome book, you guys. Real phenomenal. Pure perfection.

I rate it:

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