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This Shattered World Book Review

13138734Author: Aime Kaufman and Megan Spooner

Format: Hardbound

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

The world in this book really is shattered, not much different from he first book where our main characters and love interest are from two different opposing worlds, but things in this book is more complicated. We got more characters to deal with,there’s a rebellion going on and the whispers that we thought have vanished in the first book are here too. At first I thought This Shattered World can be read without reading These Broken Stars but then later I realized that maybe Jubilee or Flynn has a connection with Lilac or Tarver in the first book and there is! The world in this book is much easier to picture than the first one probably because I’ve already been oriented in These Broken Stars. The writing is fantastic too, the details are more vivid and properly laid out.

I like how the characters of Flynn and Jubilee set aside their differences to save the planet that they live on. I formed my theories while reading the book and I love how it all got confirmed as the plot progresses. I like how the authors involved Tarver and Lilac in the situation Flynn and Jubilee is in. When I started reading the book it reminded me of Legend by Marie Lu because of the budding romance between a soldier and a rebel and both trying to take down corrupted corporation. There was this time when I got nervous about how ‘the whispers’ changed personalities because they causes the Fury but there’s always this one ‘whisper’ who saves one of the main characters.

I love this book and I’m looking forward on reading the third book entitled Their Factured Light, it’ll be coming out on December 1 2015. I’m looking forward how the characters are connected with each other and how everything will unfold. I recommend this to everyone! Pure Perfection.

I rate this:

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