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Sapphire Blue Book Review

1 Ruby Red (2)Author: Kerstin Gier

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Square Fish

This book made me stay up all night and had me at the edge of my seat! A total page-turner and curiosity stirrer, it’s darker that the first one and more intriguing. Gwyneth has a strong voice of a character and witty. I like the brewing romance between her and Gideon. Sapphire Blue is also filled with mood swings, one moment everything’s good then the next moment they’re staring daggers at each other. My opinion about some characters is unstable, especially on Gideon, because of their changing behaviours. There’s also revelations in this book that surely peaked up my curiosity but a lot of mystery are still unsolved and secrets unrevealed. The timeline on the book, I can’t believe it’s only been a week. Every adventure that Gideon and Gwen had during time travel felt like lifetimes ago already, how cool that is!

I like how brave and tough Gwyneth’s character is, she can handle harsh statements other people throw at her considering they have very low expectations on her. I don’t like how other characters (Giordano, Charlotte) calls her stupid just because she lacked training, she’s real clever actually on how she take the investigation about the things they won’t tell her in her own hands with the help of her best friend Lesley. Gideon made me swoon and annoyed me with all those unstable behavior of him, seriously man you’re confusing dear Gwen. Oh, and Lesley and Xemerius are really awesome! Xemerius’ can be handy in most times especially in espionage, he can be annoying at first but still he’s real helpful in a lot of situations, I also like his side comments.

There are still a lot of things that I want to know like the secret that Paul and Lucy discovered about that ass of a count, Saint-Germain. I also have this theory that maybe, just maybe, Gwen is Paul and Lucy’s… yeah just a theory considering those statements they said in Ruby Red and how Paul acted in this book, but we’re yet find it all out and how thing are going to end between Gwen and Gideon and this whole Circle of Twelve. Oh, and ‘that’ ending again! My heart broke along with Gwen’s I relly jope things will get better and more light will be shed in the current situation in the next book. Filled with adventure, mystery, romance and humor; I recommend this to everyone! If you haven’t read this yet, you better start now.

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