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Ruby Red Book Review

RubyRedAuthor: Kerstin Gier

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Square Fish

When I heard that Ruby Red has some time travel in it, I was intrigued so I gave it a try and, boy, I am not disappointed. This is one of the books that you get to finish reading in one sitting and when you get to the end it was utterly satisfying but will leave you craving for more. I, from the moment I finished reading the book, eventually grabbed the second book because I am so excited about what will happen next!

The book takes us around London in different timelines and somewhat related to a historic event. The book is amazing, witty, and romantic and a total fun read. I like the stubbornness of both the characters of Gideon and Gwyneth, and how strong Gwen’s characters is because she pretty much handled the whole time travel gene situation well. I find Grace, Gwen’s mum, a tough character after especially on how she stand her ground when everyone is pestering her about hiding Gwyneth’s true birth date. I don’t like the character of Count Saint-Germain especially when he said he didn’t believe in the intellect of women, seriously man, don’t be a total sexist but were yet to find out more about him in the next book. Lesley is the best friend any girl with a weird and unbelievable family background could ever have, she even help with all the research! Makes me want to have a Lesley too.

It is also has this mystery about this whole Circle of Twelve and Lucy and Paul’s disappearance situation. There a lot of secrets and mysteries lurking in the book and I really want to know it all  especially on why Lucy and Paul are so opposed on getting the Circle completed. And in their family tree, everyone is a distant relative of everyone but really related, or so I thought. But yeah, we still have a lot to discover and know about this book and you don’t end the book like ‘that’, hah! Also, this is one of those books that make me wanna live in UK (either England or Scotland). Ruby Red, such perfection.

I rate it:

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