Announcing STARS ABOVE: A Lunar Chronicles Collection

For those of you who hasn’t heard about the Lunar Chronicles before I’m gonna give you quick over view on what the series is about.

The Lunar Chronicles is a retelling of the classical favourite fairy tales such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Snow White. It is composed of five young adult fantasy novels and each book take on an old fairy tale with kick ass female protagonist. The story is set in a futuristic world where humans, cyborgs, androids coexist. The books are titled: Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter with a prequel novella entitled Fairest. The fourth book, Winter is gonna be released in November 10 2015. The books are written by Marissa Meyer.

meyer pic credit Kali RaislMarissa Meyer is the New York Times-bestselling author of The Lunar Chronicles. She lives in Tacoma, Washington, with her husband and three demanding cats. She’s a fan of most things geeky (Sailor Moon, Firefly, any occasion that requires a costume), and has been in love with fairy tales since she was a child. She may or may not be a cyborg.

I remember asking Marissa Meyer about a book with the collection of all her novellas and she replied that we’ll see about it. I didn’t have a screen capture of the tweet (probably because I’m to lazy to look for it in my favourites and take a screen capture), but yeah she said there might be and here goes her announcement about the book. I’m so excited to have this book on my hands! There isn’t an official cover for the book yet.add-to-goodreads-button31


Release Date: February 2, 2016


The collection will include:

Glitches: A prequel to Cinder, detailing Cinder’s first weeks after her cyborg surgery and her introduction to her new stepfamily.

The Queen’s Army: A prequel to Scarlet, telling the story of one soldier in Levana’s army who is determined not to become the monster everyone expects him to be.

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky: A prequel to Cress, expanding on some of Carswell Thorne’s exploits when he was a young man with big dreams.

The Princess and the Guard: A never-before-released prequel to Winter, chronicling the friendship between Winter and Jacin and answering some frequently asked questions about Winter, her insanity, and her scars.

The Little Android: My retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid,” in which an android falls in love with a human boy.

And a BRAND NEW as-yet-to-be-determined story!

Read the rest of the article here and purchase/pre-order her books here.

You can find Marissa Meyer on:

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