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Destined for Doon Book Review

destined for doonAuthor: Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Zondervan

I’ve been Dooned! My advice is that you should read this book in public because it will play with your emotions and will freak you out and will make you smile all of a sudden. Let the people go curios about what you are reading and tell them about Doon.

This book fueled my wanderlust on going to Scotland one day. I’ve been wanting to read this book after I finished the first book because that ending is not acceptable. And Destined for Doon is the perfect second installment, it’s a bit more darker (literally). I get be more immersed in the world of Doon, the writing is amazing I never fail to relate with the characters. Speaking of the characters, all of them have their own struggles struggles to deal with. MacKenna is punishing herself for leaving Doon and the people she loved and pursuing her dreams of being a stage actress even though deep down in her heart she knows it’s not what she really wants, now given a chance to get back to Doon, MacKenna does everything she can to salvage the remains of her relationship with Duncan. Duncan, oh we get to see a bit of his darker/ emotional side in this book, I mean you just got your heart wrecked by your soulmate. It’s like the first book all over again with the stubborn couple too guarded to wear their hearts on their sleeves. But I really like how thing worked out between the two of them in the end where MacKenna learned to be brave enough to forgive herself. And as for Veronica, she is a strong and an intelligent queen, I really like her character a lot and Jaime never fails to make me swoon, showing his love Veronica with his words and actions.I love the character development in this book and how the roles of the Destined play a huge part on the story. I also like how Kenna and Vee portrayed two kinds of people when it come to book-to-movie adaptations where as Kenna’s all ‘I’ll just watch the movie than read the book’ and Vee’s all ‘Better read the book that watching the movie.’ I love I relate to both of these characters.

23433222There’s this part where MacKenna keeps on mentioning HBO and royal heads in spikes and I’m like: Kenna are you watching the Game of Thrones? Ha! I can’t wait for the third book, it’s called Shades of Doon(click on the thumbnail to read synopsis on GoodReads) it’s gonna be released on September 1 2015, we’ll gonna have to wait and ugh. Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon really knows what cliff hanger means because seriously, you can’t finish a book like that. I need the final book in my hands now, the series just keeps getting better and better!

What had me worries is that there is this part (SPOILER ALERT!) when Vee and Kenna went in to the limbus and a crow attacked Vee taking a chunk of her hair, I literally gasped out loued because I remembered when the two goes to the witches’ cottage and Vee saw some voodoo stuff, put things together and and I have a theory that it has something to do with that cliff hanging ending. I canna wait fo the next book! (read the last sentence with a Scotish accent please, hehe)

I rate this:

Ratings - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy


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