Another update for the new actors of the Shadowhunters TV show! I wouldn’t make this introduction any longer and no much further ado, here goes the two additional actors for the Shadowhunters TV cast in the characters of Hodge and Raphael.

 tumblr_np5adwza381towop3o10_500The casting on the character of Hodge Starkweather is a total whoa, I’m not the only one who freaked out on this. So the actors who played the role of Hodge are Before: Jared Harris (right) Now: Jon Cor (left).

The new Hodge is severely hot and after the actor for the character is released, it made a noise in the social media with the hashtag #HotHodge. I was confused because in the movie, Hodge is presented to us as an old dude so we started picturing him that way but a confirmation from Cassandra Clare said that in the books, Hodge was only 36 years old. Apparently the movie adaptation just made Hodge the wise, old man for the air of superiority instead of a man who are supposed to be in the same age as Clary’s parents. I’m looking forward on seeing this new actor play the role of Hodge and isn’t Jon Cor a total hottie?

MV5BMzY4NTY0MTc4OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODQxMzYzOQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_Now let’s check out this dude that’s gonna play the role of Raphael Santiago, the character will be portrayed by David Castro. In the movie, they have no Raphael. The detail which gave off one of the many disclaimers on the movie adaptation. I don’t know much about this actor, haven’t watch any of his movies TBH but I checked him on IMBD, turned out he’s young (only 19!) and since they already announced him as the actor for the role of Raphael, we’ll just gonna have to watch out on how he’ll do his acting for the role. And… Oh my God, look at that face!

That’s all for this Sadowhunters TV show casting uppdate! The cast and crew are now currently in the 10th day of filming the first episode of the show titled “Mortal Cup”. Oh gosh why can’t it be 2016 already. In the meantime, check out the ‘teasers’ for the show which turned out to be not really ‘teasers’ but a show of the shows title and a montage of the instagram photos of the cast. Meh…


4 thoughts on “Shadowhunters

    1. They said they are making the TV show more accurate with the book and with little alterations. The details from the book would be more properly laid out. Unlike in the movie where they tried to combine the bits of the first three books together in one movie.


      1. He is young in the books, Casandra CLare said he was only 36, they made him older in the movie… I’m also interested on how things will play out in the TV show. =D


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