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Ragnarök Book Review

23442068Author: Ari Bach

Format: eBook (PDF)

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

First of all, I want to say thank again to the author for sending me an ebook copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

This book is a master piece. It’s far more better than the first one. The book started off on a mission that is filled with action that eventually had me at the edge of my seat and I’m expecting the rest of the part of the book to be as action packed and I was never disappointed. Ari Bach is the author that made me fully love graphic violence and find beauty in the grotesque and gruesome images. I really love how the story is fast-paced and there’s a lot of bombing and explosions that made it more cooler. Some associate the book with the Game of Thrones, I mean seriously? You don’t associate Valhalla or Ragnarök with GoT because its far more different that GoT.

I like the back stories of the characters on the book. It got me more immersed in the world of the story and characters. In the first book I was looking forward on how the romance between Violet and Vibeke would bloom but as I read this book, it doesn’t seem like the priority now because they got bigger matters at hand but I like how it affected the character development of the two. My most favourite character back story was Veikko’s because whoa, really? And can we talk about Wuflgar’s new appearance. So inhuman, but even though he looked scary his character proved to be still charismatic (that can be proved on the part where the doctor who operated him got smitten), Wulfgar is also more of a tactician/ negotiator than a fighter. Those advance technological weapons are scary, I didn’t really pay much attention with the wave bomb when it was mentioned before but now that what can it do was fully explained because like whoa, mad and intelligent shouldn’t be put together in one human being. And that ending! Ari Bach what the–? Is there another book after this? Because, damn, don’t leave hangin’.

Ragnarök is filled with badassery and awesomeness, it has a very good character development and plot progression. This book is better that the first one, so filled with explosions! I recommend this to everyone, you need to read this because if you haven’t yet, you’re missing a lot of awesome.

I rate this:

Ratings - Copy (4)

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