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Doon Book Review

19502459Author: Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Zondervan

This book inexplicably drew me in. It made me fall in love with Scotland and in the mystical place called Doon. The book oozes this magical aura that from the moment I started reading it, I can make myself stop and right now, I’m at loss of words to describe this amazing book that I’ve just read… The world is so mesmerizing; Carie Corp and Lorie Langdon also created strong female characters, I really like Veronica’s courage and her wit and, oh, Mackenna and her stage actress attitude and her snap remarks. The princes are total contrasts of each other when it comes to expressing their feelings and attitudes but are very the same with the amount of intensity and love they’re gonna give to their true loves.

I like the idea of the Calling, if only it existed in the real world no one’s heart will be broken and played. The writing is amazing, every detail is very well laid out to the readers. I also like the way the authors play with the readers’ feelings. I, for instance, has my moments of nervousness, swoon, doubts and awes as I was reading the book. Really amazing, amazing story. I also like how they involved some musical plays and stage performances for the benefit of Kenna’s character (as a stage actress herself) and the origin of the story (Brigadoon). I just love everything about it and oh that witch… gaaahhh! Where’d she go? That ending though, one couple’s happy ending is another unrequited relationship. And also when the author’s dropped that bomb in the ending, it definitely blew my mind. Although I guessed it seconds before the authors officially announce it. It’s just, everyone deserves a happy ending and I deserve the book two to see how this everybody’s happy ending play out.

I rate it:

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