How To

How to Avoid Spoilers

You must be freaking out right now looking like this:


because you have just been spoiled on that amazing book that you are reading and so into. But worry not because the Booklandia is here to help you avoid spoilers with only four simple steps to follow.

Step 1:

Avoid social networks, it’s filled with spoilers especially Tumblr. Oh yeah, Tumblr can spoil you in any way because of the fan arts and posts about the book that you’re currently reading. And avoid booktube, you’ll freak out once that booktuber that is making a review about the book that you’re currently reading drop a major bomb.


Step 2:

Don’t flip the book in any random page or skim it. You may end up in a page with a major scene in it and you’ll be spoiled and I’m so damn sure it’ll fill you with rage.


Step 3:

Don’t talk about the book that you’re currently reading to your bookish friends. They might have read the book already and end up blurting out the ending or a major revelation of the book. You guys will be FO in no time.


Step 4:

Basically avoid talking to anyone and keep things to yourself. It’ll just be you and your book and your feels and no one else so that you’ll have a spoiler free reading escapade.


So, that is all for this little tip post. I hope it helped, let me know. Happy reading!


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