Wrap Up & TBR

May Wrap-Up and June TBR

Another glorious reading month has ended and along with it is my summer vacation (I live in the Philippines, baby, we have different school calendar). So right now I’ll be wrappin’ up the month of May with the list of all the books that I’ve read and welcoming June with my TBR list.

Photo-0104 (3) - CopyHere goes the list of the books that I’ve for the month of May. Feel free to click on the book title to see my review about the books.

So, I’ve read fourteen (14) books this month! I, myself is also surprised. But aside from reading books, I’ve also been fussing on the news about the new cast of the Shadowhunters TV series that is coming early 2016. Little did you guys know, I’m a huge fan of the Shadowhunter Chronicles books and Cassandra Clare. So I’ve made some posts about the Shadowhunter casting comparing the old and new actor of the characters. Check out those here:


As for my JUNE TBR, I think  I won’t be reading much this month since I’m gonna be going back to school (gaahh! Other kids vacation days are my school days) so I think I’ll be reading few book this month, barely reaching the count of ten (10). Here are those books feel free to click on the book cover read its synopsis on GoodReads:

June TBR

19502459 destined for doon 23442068 13138635 13138734

20560137 8835379 13402202 17343391

So those are the list of the books that I’m aiming to read this month. Hope I’ll succeed 😀

Happy Reading! 🙂


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