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How to deal with Book Hangover

Every book lover, bookworm, bibliophile or whatever it is that you want o call yourself experience book hangover every time you finish that awesome book or the final book in a series that you got yourself fully plunged in (example: Shadowhunters Chronicles, Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, Throne of Glass series, Divergent trilogy…. you name it).  There comes a time when find yourself still fully invested in the book, days after reading it and can’t get yourself to read other books because you are stuck and the feels are from that book is still pumping into your system. I also have experienced this book hangover so I decided to write this to help you deal with book hangover. I did this stuff when I was going through this kind of stuff, it help me and I hope it will help you too! 😀 Let’s begin now.

Step 1:

Let yourself feel the feels for a time.


Step 2:

Make yourself a playlist that’ll help you get through it, songs that reminds you of the book or some parts of it.


Step 3:

Recommend it to your friends so you can have people to talk to about the book.


Step 4:

Find people in the internet who’s also going crazy about the book and have/join a conversation with them.


Step 5:

Make fan arts of fan fiction if it will make you fell batter. (I make fan arts mostly).


Step 6:

Find a book that is in the same genre or writing style that’ll maybe help you get over your book hang over and start reading a new book.


And keep this in mind: “I may have a book hangover right now, but I still have a massive pile of TBR waiting to be read so I should get through this immediately”.

Let me know if this helps. Happy reading!



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