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Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Taylor_GodsAndMonsters__embedAuthor: Laini Taylor

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Little, Brown & Company

The third and final installment of Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy! This epic and beautiful conclusion to this urban fantasy has finally been handed to Laini’s readers. I just can’t stop the feels that are flowing out of my system. In this book, the story picked up where it left off… in that freaking cliff hanger that left me wanting to have this book in my hands! This is the book where Akiva and Karou finally joined forces trying to make peace between the angel and the chimeras so that they can defeat Jael’s Dominion who’re trying to take over earth.

I know I didn’t give much away on my other reviews on the first two books but I can’t really keep things anymore. The book, the trilogy, a total read at your own risk. This book has a lot of ‘Yay!’ moments especially in Zusana and Mik’s cunning episode in the book. It was really cute on how Akiva and Karou has their stolen moments together as they get through the war against Jael. I also like Liraz’s character development and her resentfulness against the chimeras is changed and she started to develop feelings to Ziri (SPOILER!). The book also showed Akiva’s roots and showed us the reasons she got those eyes and his magic. That’s enough spoiler or not really spoiler for this review.

The book has that beautiful ending that left me in tears. It beautiful, it’s perfect, it’s beautifully perfect. I am at lost of words on how to describe Laini Taylor’s masterpiece, maybe it doesn’t need words at all because the whole trilogy and Laini Taylor’s writing is very indescribable, giving her five stars isn’t enough rating for her majestic books. I’m gonna rate it anyway =D

I rate this:

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