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Valhalla Book Review

20587108Author: Ari Bach

Format: eBook (PDF)

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

First of all, I want to send my thanks to the author, Ari Bach, for e-mailing me an eBook copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. So here goes…

The book is way far into the future, 200 years, it was kind of bizarre and hard to get into at the first chapter but as the book progress and the plot unravels, it slowly rub off on me and I find it really cool… and kind of disturbingly awesome. Really cool to the part where they have these awesome gadgets and people mostly interact in the virtual world through their links and stuff and as for the disturbing part, we’ll talk about it later.

Violet, our main character, is such a brute that when she is thrown in a situation where she needed to survive, she would turn to a major killing machine and she’s more brawn than brains. Cool… and disturbing, but mostly cool. She also has a very good character development, I like how she slowly finds her purpose and the place and people where she really belongs as the story goes on. The V team has the best members. Varg and Veikko brought the laughs and as for Vibeke, I like how her brain works. So smart. There’s this part where Violet buries the feelings she has for Vibeke, thinking it’ll just be a liability, I really like to know how this romance between the two of them play out. The book lacked romance, it could be really amazing if there will be romance between Vibs and Vi on the next book because very few authors have gay/ lesbian OTPs going on in their books.

There are times when I get confused in the story when the POV changes, I was like: “Wait who’s POV are we seeing now?. I also like how the action/ battle scenes are written, it made me nervous because of the anticipation of the outcome of the face-off though there were times when I get confused because some fight scenes are kind of smushed together, it’s all good though. As for the disturbing part, oh my God, that’ll be the tug-of-Wulfgar scene. It’s severely gruesome; it keeps playing again and again in my head. And also, the part where as long as your brain is fine, you can keep coming back from the dead like whoa. The book, over all is… Very. Nicely. Written.

My favourite lines are (1) Don’t Fuck Shit Up (2) The world is complex, you see, and whet is complex is fragile. (3) Diplomacy is the field that requires expertise. Wars have always been fought by children. They also have a star animal that is always present in the book and that is a… Walrus named Umberto. I wonder if the author is actually fond of walruses. Walrus detail. Also, the cover is gorgeous with that cool Tikari weapon in it; I would like to have a physical copy of the book so that it’ll live in my shelf.

I rate this:

Ratings - Copy (3)

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