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Days of Blood and Starlight Book Review

BLOOD-STARLIGHT_510Author: Laini Taylor

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Little, Brown Books

The second book of Laini Taylor’s mind blowing, epic and majestic Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy! This book is ten times more better than the last one and it’s not because I finally have a full grasp on the world of the story but because of the plot twists that lurks in every corner. New characters are introduced, Zusana and her boyfriend Mik also get immersed in Karou’s world. Akiva who is still stuggling on what he really is fighting for and trying to redeem himself to Karou. The book is set again in a strange place on earth and not on earth.

Reading the book was a total hell of a roller coaster ride. There’s a lot of blood and less starlight and much darker than the first one. I like the character developments more in the second book than the first one. There’s a war going on in this book and the author showed us who plays more dirty here. I like it how how Akiva convinces the seraphin to learn how to be merciful. I really like to tell you more but the books description gave nothing away so you need to read it and discover more in this amazing world of angel and chimeras.

The book fascinating, amazing, mysterious and very unpredictable. I still has my freak out moments and it’s really die-worthy reading this book. That cliff-hanger though, really drove me crazy. Hands down again to the ‘Queen’ Laini Taylor for this another wonderfully written book. Perfect!

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