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The Silence of Six Book Review

22595496Author: E.C. Myers
Format: eBook
Publisher: Adaptive Books

“What is the silence of six and what are you gonna do about it?” 

This is the line that triggered my interest on the book. It has this huge, smart and genuinely cool story line. There are times when I got confused on what is going on and what are the characters talking about because of all the hacker jargon but as I progress on reading the book, I slowly get to understand their terms and even learn stuff. I also like how the book raise awareness to the readers on what information they share on the internet and their privacy settings, especially on passwords.

Reading this book made me wish that I was a hacker too. Max, Penny and Risse are really smart, so as Evan. I like how Evan distributed the information leaving bread crumbs for Max to follow and how everything comes full circle. It’s also interesting on how the involved the government on the whole situation because there may be a huge possibility that it might happen. The ending also made me cry because Evan and Max had a really amazing friendship and up until the end Evan still stand up for his role as a hacker. Amazing, amazing book. I recommend this to everyone, not only to those who are tech-geeks but to everyone.

I rate this:

Ratings - Copy (4)


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