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Here comes again the time of updates about the SHADOWHUNTERS TV show! Yay! We’ve waited for this cast announcement and now I’m gonna be giving my reaction about these new actors for the show’s casting. Here goes the actors cast for the roles of Magnus, Valentine and Jocelyn so let’s get in to it already.

PhotoGrid_1431924046795Here we have the actors that played the role of Magnus Bane. Before: Godfrey Gao (right) Now: Harry Shum Jr. (left).

Take a look at these beauties! Both looked perfect for the role of Magnus. Honestly, I actually wished that Godfrey will keep the role of Magnus for the TV show thinking that maybe his sass will develop as the show progress but no, they’ve given the role to another actor just like the way they did with the others. Let’s talk about Harry Shum. I don’t know much about this guy aside from the fact that he used to be on Glee and I didn’t even watch Glee, not a single episode. But yeah, Harry looked the part. I just really hope he is sassy enough to be the Magnus Bane that we’ve always love from the books.

PhotoGrid_1431924016983We also got the actor who will play the role of Valentine Morgenstern. Let’s compare the actors Before: Jonathan Rhys Meyers (right) Now: Alan Van Sprang (left).

Okay so this is the best role-slash-actor change for the show because in the movie, I really didn’t feel Jonathan as Valentine and, honestly, he’s like playing a parody role and he looked too young to be Valentine. Also include the unnecessary braid that gave off a total disclaimer. This new Valentine, Alan Van Sprang, seem perfect enough for the role. I actually have seen him act in Reign and thinking about how he played his role on that show made me feel like he’ll d good for Valentine. As for his hair… I’m fine with him bald as long as he wont have those braids.

PhotoGrid_1432101289360And to complete the Morgenstern family, we have here Jocelyn Fray/Fairchild played by Before: Lena Headey (right) Now: Maxim Roy (left).

I go for both, they seemed good enough to play the role of Jocelyn, in the movie Lena seemed awesome especially in the kidnapping scene (which is only the action-packed scene that she got) but I thank the people who are doing the casting for having another character because she seemed more of a Cersei than a Jocelyn. As for Maxim, I got my doubts, maybe because I haven’t seen her act before but she have the Jocelyn eyes. we’ll just have to wait when she dyed her hair and see her acting on the show.

So, that’s the latest update from the Shadow World or the Shaddowhunters TV Show that is, I’m really looking forward to the show which will be premiering in January 2016 (so soon! Yay!). The cast are actually in training now, I really hope that they will be true to the book even though they made some few alterations in it. If you guys also have any say to this new casting or about the show, feel free to comment and share your thought. 😀

Meanwhile, here a picture of Jace and Clary that McG tweeted! All that were missing are the rune.



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