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Champion Book Review

14290364Author: Marie Lu

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Speak

First of all I want to say thanks again to my friend Arvin for lending me his book Champion and getting me in this whole Legend business.

My goodness gracious! Definitely stole my breath away! Marie Lu’s writing skills never fail to amaze me. It was the best ending-slash-series conclusion ever and it left me in tears. I am very much thankful that Marie Lu didn’t gave her readers a traumatic ending because after I read Prodigy, I was very nervous when I picked up Champion. But Oh my gosh, it’s perfect and I’m drowning in feels.

The intensity and action packed scenes that the author started in Legend didn’t waver till the final book of the series and she even improved it. I like the characters development with Day and Junes character so as the romance between the two. June and Day’s romance, as it turned out, it the most action-packed, most bad-ass most heart-warming love story ever. At first it was full of hardships and doubts and anger and fury that made you think the two aren’t gonna happen but that ending… it left me in tears and drowning in feels.

I also like how they played this invasion-slash-war against the Colonies, it proved how smart and cunning the characters can be. Marie Lu, if you’re reading this right now, pleas write furthermore details about what became of June and Day’s story because that ending maybe beautiful and amazing but it’s feels like a freaking cliffhanger that made me think “maybe the author would release a short novella on what happens after.” And to those who haven’t read the book yet… READ IT!

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy


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