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Prodigy Book Review

Prodigy_Marie_Lu_BookAuthor: Marie Lu

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Speak

First of all, I wanna say thanks to my friend Arvin for lending me his copy of Prodigy because I haven’t bought my own yet.

In Prodigy, second book of Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy, June and Day seeks the Patriots to ask for the help to cure Day and to take down the corrupted republic. Soon they are assigned to their positions on the assassination that is gonna take place, June as a double agent and Day is having some campaign with the Patriots. But soon, June discovers some that made her feel like the assassination attempt is all wrong and she will make things right with the help of Day who is now the Republic’s celebrity.

Okay, so this book is very much intense and highly different from Legend. Reading the book almost, ALMOST, drove me insane because its so action packed and fast paced and it also go deeper with the main characters backgrounds. There are some parts that makes me think that the story is like Catching Fire because of the lines “Remember the real enemy.” and “Spark of revolution” but no, Prodigy is way more different that Catching Fire because they are not taking down the government but rebuilding it for the better. The intensity of the relationships  in the book had me pulling the hair in my head. We have Tessa♥Day♥June and Anden♥June♥Day, how crazy is that? And then there’s this drama between Tess and June. Then there are these revelations and discoveries about the Colonies and the true colors of the Patriot’s leader and the heart wrecking bomb that Marie Lu dropped at the last two chapters. I don’t know how I stayed sane after reading this book.

Awesome book, amazing writing, phenomenal story! Recommended to every one and even if you don’t like dystopian books you’re sure gonna love those after reading Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy books! Love this book, better than the last one and there are no boring parts that made me go speeding to the end.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (2) - Copy


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