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So, there are new additions to the current cast of the Shadowhunters TV series and I’m so excited to share them with you! I’ve been wanting to write this post since the release of the actors that are going to play for the role of Ale Lightwood and Luke Garroway but I wanted to wait for the other too, like maybe they would release Jocelyn and Magnus soon after Alec and Luke. But since you’re already reading this, it means I can’t anymore wait to share with you this Shadowhunter new casting post so here goes.

PhotoGrid_1431318778561So first we have Alec Lightwood played by Before: Kevin Zegers (right) and Now: Matthew Daddario (left).

Okay, both of these actors look so perfect for the role of Alec. Let’s have the movie Alec first. He played the role well on the movie that made him one of the actors of the previous cast that is hard to let go. Kevin Zegers has the exact Alec description with his blue ayes and dark hair and his portrayal of Alec is really good. This new Alec, Matthew Daddario looks pretty hot, I got a strong feeling that maybe, just maybe, he’ll play the role of Alec just like (maybe better than) Kevin did in the movie. I only saw him act once in Delivery Man and at that time, I didn’t pay much attention in his acting and after hearing the news that he’s playing Alec I re-watched the movie and thought “Yeah, he’ll do.”. I really hope that the Lightwood sibling bond would appear between Matthew and Emeraude so that they’ll appear convincing as bother and sister.

PhotoGrid_1431318702814Now we have Luke Garroway/ Lucian Gaymark who are played by Before: Aidan Turner (right) and Now: Isaiah Mustafa (left).

Everybody freaked out over this new casting, as you have seen in the photo of the casting of before and now, there really is a huge difference in the physical appearance of the Luke’s character and to be honest, Aidan Turner look so hot and I want him to keep the role but who would not like a diversity on the actors that are gonna play the role. I like change in Luke’s character and Isaiah as the actor who would play it. The show is not “white-washing” and this kinds of things make me more excited for the show.

That’s the latest on the Shadowhunter’s tv show casting so far. I would like to know your thoughts about this new cast members and the TV show so don’t forget to comment. We’ll wait for the other updates for the cast together. Meanwhile McG tweeted this photo with Jace, Simon and the Lightwoods. Think they already started filming! Yay! Excited over here!



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