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The Winner’s Crime Book Review

20443207Author: Marie Rutkoski

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux

The second installment of Marie Rutkoski’s Winner’s trilogy. In this book the journey of Arin and Kestrel continues with more politics and lies and we are all just in time for another royal wedding. This book is better than the last one, the world of the story is expanding as one of the characters travel to the east. There’s also more character development on the story especially on Kestrel’s character.

 Oh my god, I really love this book. See, the author do know how to handle the world of east and west properly, especially in the climate information and the ethnicity. The story has the air of Game of Thrones still, more spies more lies, and most especially is how the characters play the game of love and loyalty here. It really drove me crazy, you know, because of the book’s intensity. Kestrel’s character is being tested here, on how she’s going to play this two-faced role in the game that she started. She did gained allies, but also more enemies…the terrifying ones like, for example, the emperor. I get to witness Kestrel’s cleverness and her tactician mind. As for Arin, the author showed how charismatic and charming Arin really is. There’s this time when something happened to his face but still, two beautiful women (wit the exception of Kestrel, because come on she already got Arin’s heart) fell into his charms which he almost welcomed. The were times when I get frustrated with him because he gets drawn to another girl because of some mistaken identity. I was like “What are yo doing Arin?! Clear your head! You and Kestrel should be together, you’re my OTP!”, yeah like that. I just really wish that things between Arin and Kestrel will work out in the end. And I’m hoping and looking forward for some epic battle on the third book because of the allies being made in this second book. I still got a lot of unanswered questions like: why didn’t the minister of agriculture give Kestrel’s letter to Arin? Why… okay no more questions because it might spoil those who hasn’t read the book yet.

I could say that the world of the Winner’s trilogy has finally got it’s way into my systems because after I finished reading the book and go to sleep, I dreamed that I was reading the book again, but this time with a different ending. A better, if not happy, one. The story is so amazing, it got me hooked and made me pull out my all-night-long-reading kit because I really can’t stop reading it. Not until I reached the end and oh my goodness, Marie Rutkoski really know how to throw a reader really intense cliff hanger that left me screaming (literally) for the final installment.

I rate this:

Ratings - Copy (2) - Copy


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