The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award11A big blast Thank you! to this amazing blogger reinreads (go check out her blog and follow her too) for nominating me on the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. This award recognizes the unique voices of the women all over the world. Go ladies! 💋


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer ten questions.
  • Make up ten questions.
  • Nominate ten bloggers and notify them.

My questions:

1. Drink of choice while reading? Coffee or tea? Red wine or white? None?

I always have coffee or tea while reading. The former keeps me awake when I’m so into the book and I can get myself to put it down even in the middle of the night and the latter I love because it tasted good especially with some lemon drops. =D

2. Name an indie or lesser known author that’s a favorite of yours. Why? Link to their stuff if you can!

I don’t know much of the lesser know authors so I think I’ll give this question a pass.

3. Do you think the author’s intent matters most? Or the reader’s interpretation?

I thinks it’s the reader’s interpretation that matters especially on how the story appeals to them.

4. What’s a book you were originally not a fan of, but then loved?

It probably is Blood and Chocolate by  Annete Curtis Klaus. It was like, when I first read the book I’m all ‘nay’ but I decided to give it a second chance and guess what… It’s the book the drove me to be fascinated with werewolves.

5. Did you ever have an argument with somebody over/about a book?

Yes, I did once with a friend of mine, we argued over a book. It was sophomore year, four years ago. I was reading some book, I can’t remember the title, and my friend said that she read some reviews about it on GoodReads and said that the book’s no good so I should stop reading it then I told her I should give it a chance and so should she. Later that lunch she borrowed the book saying she’ll try to read it. Later in the last period she still isn’t returning the book to me and I still haven’t finished reading it. When I looked for her I found out that she went home early, taking my book with her, The next day we kind of argued about her taking the book home and not letting me know it to the part on why she can’t just buy her own copy. At the end of the day, our friendship still worked out okay.

6. Do you write in your books?

No of course not. It’s sacrilegious =D

7. Favorite classic book? 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde… probably because it’s the only classic that I ever get to read, yet. 

8. Favorite recent book? (recent as in, published in the last ten years or so, I guess)

That book will be Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighning Thief! It’s the book that brought me in the world of reading. And it’s published last 2005 so that’s exactly ten years ago.

9. Do you think authorship is especially important? For example, if I’m from New York, should I only write in the voice of someone from New York? What about different ethnicities or genders? Does this only apply when the narration is first-person? 

Not always, there are some author’s that came from a different country or state that writes about their characters living in the different country or state that they’re in. And if they are going to write about their characters being in different country, for example the author is in California and she want to write about her characters that came from or are in the Philippines, she should make a research first about their heritage and history so that the story will be believable.  It also apply in different points of view, not always in the first person.

10. Favorite book villain or bad guy?

Probably Sebastian Morgenstern of The Mortal Instruments series. There’s a lot of time when he made me want to climb inside the book and slap him with my bare hands because is very very annoying and creepy. But in the end of the series I end up feeling bad for him as Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern, those who read the TMI series will know.

Your Questions:

  1. What kind of story narration do you prefer most? (first person, third person…)
  2. Where do you prefer to do your reading escapade?
  3. What is the book that you dislike the most and why?
  4. When do you usually buy books? (monthly, weekly…)
  5. When it comes to book to movie adaptation, do you prefer to watch the movie first before reading the book or vice versa?
  6. How do you deal with book hangover?
  7. How do you handle reading slumps?
  8. Where do you get your book recommendations?
  9. If you ever found yourself in an epic adventure in a mystical land, what kind of animal or majestic creature do you want to accompany you on your journey?
  10. Who is you most favourite book boyfriend? Also, please describe =D

My nominations:


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