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So The Mortal Instruments is gonna be resurrected as a TV show under ABC Family, whoohoo! That has been the talk of the fans of the books, including me, for so long. I am definitely thankful for the re-do because as you have seen on the City of Bones movie, they didn’t do it well that ended up with raging fans screaming “What have you done with it?!” or “Where is the incest bomb?!”. That was initially my reaction after watching the movie, and it’s gonna resurrected as a TV show entitled SHADOWHUNTERS. Sound awesome? Yeah, deffo!

Aside from having the TV show re-do, we also get to have a new set of characters, the new of the new characters just drop only a few days ago. So now, let’s talk about this Shadowhunters cast before and after, shall we?

11013214_1069087716454586_919160815374480990_nFirst we have the actors for the role of Jace Wayland; Before: Jaime Cambell Bower (right) Now: Dominic Sherwood (left).

When I saw the movie and they have Jaime on it, I was so excited but when I saw the movie I started to get kind of skeptical. I have this strong feeling that he isn’t cocky enough, but don’t get me wrong; I love Jaime as Jace because he fits the Jace’s physical appearance description in the book. It’s just that feel him that much.Jaime has the Jace description, the blonde hair and the stand, he did delivered the most remarkable Jace line well but not much sass and snark on it. Then Dominic Sherwood. Oh Dom, he played the role of Christian Ozera in the Vampire Academy movie adaptation, I stated crushing on him after watching that movie. He played the role of sarcastically sassy Christian real well. He doesn’t have the blonde hair but I think they’ll dye it when they started filming the show and his eyes, oh my gosh  he has the most sexy case of Hetochromia. I really wish they won’t make him wear contact lenses because his eyes are gorgeous. What a real life sex god. I’m looking forward on how he’ll perform as Jace.

11203086_1069087789787912_1276740613648694224_nNext we have the character of Simon Lewis, played by Before: Robert Sheehan (right) Now: Alberto Rosende (left).

When they announce that they are recasting for the role of Simon, I prayed to God and all other existing gods of other religions that they won’t replace Robert Sheehan for Simon. Let me say this: In the City of Bones movie, almost all of the characters have flaws on the casting but Robert Sheehan is the perfect Simon, then came the announcement that Alberto Rosende is going to play the role of Simon and I’m like “Wha-?” They showed the picture of him without his glasses on and I’m looking at it having some second thoughts about the choice but then they uploaded a video of him saying something about getting the role and, by the angel, he is wearing glasses. The heaven opened up and the angels sang Hallelujah ! I’m just gonna watch out on how he would play his role as Simon Lewis.

11193331_1069087746454583_9033867049813274397_nThe same time the Simon role is announced they also announce the character who will play Isabelle Lightwood. Isabelle is played by Before: Jemima West (right) Now: Emeraude Toubia (left).

 Jemima is another tough actress to let go for the role of Isabelle, yes she isn’t that tall and curvy as how is Isabelle is describe in the book but have you seen how she played the role in the movie? So bad ass and so like Isabelle. Jemima know how to whip it! Get it? ‘Whip it’? Because it’s Isabelle weapon of choice? Whatever… moving on, we have Emeraude Toubia as our new Isabelle, she’s curvy she’s tall, but some fans flipped out on Facebook after the announcement saying ‘Isn’t she like, too Latina?’. Who cares if Emeraude is Latina? I like the diversity that they did with the characters. Why don’t we see first how she plays the role of Isabelle and then react later. Let’s see how she ‘whip it’ in the TV just like Jemima did in the movie (see what I did there? ‘Whip it’?)

11141334_1069087823121242_1700472087193910252_nFinally, we have this freshly announce character. Guess who?… Clary Fray! played by Before: Lily Collins (right) Now: Katherine McNamara (left).

Lily Collins is another actor that is hard to let go on the role of Clary. In the City of Bones movie she did portray her role well as the ‘small, redhead, bad temper’ Clary. There may be flaws on her portrayal of Clary because Lily is not really a redhead and she’s kind of pretty tall for a Clary but Lily’s acting skill though. The The ABC Family announced a new Clary and she’s Katherine McNamara. I saw her act once in her movie in Disney movie Girl Vs. Monster and Contest, she acted really well on her part on those movies. I’m really looking forward on how she’ll gonna play the role of Clary and check this out, she’s only 19 and she got this awesome role plus she looks like a perfect Clary physically  with her hair and eyes.

It’s really hard to let go of the old cast of characters from the original City of Bones movie but by the angel, where is ABC Family getting all these actors who look perfect enough to play the role. I really hope they would make the show better that expected because as of now I’m dying because of the perfection of these new set of characters, I wonder of the TV show will be the death of me when it aired.

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