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Imaginary Girls Book Review

8603765Author: Nova Ren Suma

Format: Hardbound

Publisher: Dutton Juvenile

A mysterious and mystical reservoir. Two sisters obsessed with each other. A long ago drowned town. A dead girl coming back to life.

Okay so this book confused the hell out of me, seriously. I’m already on chapter fifteen and I thought ” Oh, I think I know where this is going ” but the book’s is just flipping me out me because I actually don’t know what the heck is with that reservoir and dead people coming back to life. It kind of annoyed me, well not ‘kind of’, it really did annoyed me. The main character, Chloe, was always like Ruby this and Ruby that. Maybe it’s because she love her sister, they actually only have each other. They’re mother is a drunk who failed on taking care and raising her daughters herself.

So we have the sisters Ruby and Chloe. Ruby who is always the talk of the town and practically the Queen in their place and Chloe who just live in Ruby’s shadow which is just fine with her. Ruby is always the protective one, which annoyed me at first then later I did understand her protectiveness over Chloe because I am a big sister myself. I was so annoyed at the story’s mysteriousness and darkness that I didn’t even get to see the similarities of it with my real life at first. Similarities like me and my sister, it was just the two of us and this little tale in our town on how the lake takes tourists once a year. I didn’t notice those similarities with me not until I’m done reading and thought it through and how a like this story is to my real life ( I am very much protective of my little sister too).

The darkness of the book I can’t handle. It took me three days to finish this book (supposed to be a short read, be done in a day) but I kept coming back to the chapters that I was done reading just I can form a theory on what might happen in the end. Ruby is so secretive ya know and Chloe is just as confused as I am. There’s also this ‘magic’ that Ruby radiates that made anyone do her bidding and give her what she wants that really confuses me. The reservoir also creeps me, what really goes on those myeroius deeps? What I like about this book is the same thing that annoyed me; the confusing-ness of it. I need other people to read this and discuss with them their understanding of the story and how they feel about it. Please read it.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (4) - Copy


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