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Miss Mayhem Book Review

22465605 Author: Rachel Hawkins

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Penguin Group

Miss Mayhem is the second book of Rachel Hawkin’s Rebel Belle series. The book is fun, intense, filled with complications and on top of it all, awkwardness. The story opened up to Harper being her usual control-freak self then we get to meet the Ephors. The story is already complicated with the whole Paladin/Oracle business, then the author throws this relationship dilemmas on who’s who’s girlfriend/boyfriend/ex making it more crazy complicated and awkward. The book is still a fun read I assure you but it’s not as awesome as Rebel Belle.

The book’s ending frustrated me a lot. There’s not much enough closure, it’s like the author wanted to end it just like that,  leaving our characters to take baby steps back to their normal lives. I need another book where we find David and Harper setting of some kick ass mission to find the love of her life. I mean you can’t just rattle Harper Jane Price’s perfectly planned life and just leave her there trying to take back the things that already felt like a lifetime ago.

The book left me staring into walls trying to piece together that that eff (see what I did there Harper?) just went down. I hurt my head, it hurt my heart and if possibly, my soul (if you already read the book, you’ll also know what I did there). So please Rachel Hawkins if you’re reading this right now, hand me another book or even a Rebel Belle novella because the ending felt incomplete.

I rate it:

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